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War Crimes

President Trump, leave Venezuela alone, attend to the Coronavirus

By: Ángel R. Veras Aybar, from El Dia In the midst of a planetary disgrace, the arrogant government of the United States has decided to line up cannons against President Nicolás Maduro and other top Venezuelan officials. The interventionist action and violation of the most elementary norms of peaceful coexistence are carried out based on a […]


Heavy Shelling by Ukrop Nazis on Fool’s Day Eve

Last night, FRN reported on heavy shelling of Donbass, perpetrated by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Today we got the confirmation of the attack by Russell “Texas” Bentley. FRN Editorial Board Ukrainian nazis and war criminals unleashed heavy shelling on the entire DPR last night in a coordinated attack from the Mariupol area in the south […]

US Strike on Iraq Imminent: What are the imperialist’s goals?

TEHRAN, Apr. 01 (MNA) – By: Payman Yazdani – The spread of the coronavirus and its devastating impact on the US economy and US efforts to reduce Iran’s regional influence are possible motives behind US potential military action in Iraq. While the world is fighting against the COVID-19 outbreak, regional countries including Iraq have been witnessing […]

BREAKING: Heavy Shelling Reported in Donbass

DONBASS – Heavy shelling has just been reported in the Petrovsky District in Donetsk. According to the sources on the ground, this evening, between 23:00 and 23:30 EET (Eastern European Summer Time), Donetsk airport and train station have been hit with more than 50 shells, all of which have been reported to be heavy-caliber, 120 […]

Coronavirus Panic? You Should see What Yemenis are Going Through (VIDEO)

SANA’A – Coronavirus has swept through the modern world and made a complete mess. Global superpowers are under partial or complete lockdown. Citizens of many countries around the world are instructed to stay in their homes, which many consider a problem since they can’t go outside. You’ll just have to stay in the warmth of […]

REPORT: Saudi Forces Torture, Disappear Yemeni Civilians in al-Mahrah

RIYADH – Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Saudi forces and their allies have commited serious abuses against Yemeni civilians since June last year in al-Mahrah governorate. “Saudi forces and their Yemeni allies’ serious abuses against local-Mahrah residents is another horror to add to the list of the Saudi-led coalition’s unlawful conduct in Yemen,” Michael Page, […]

NOT CORONAVIRUS: Over 50,000 Children Die Every Year in Yemen

SANA’A – Yemen’s Houthi Ansaruallh movement said the years-long Saudi-led war and blockade on the impoverished Arab country has increased the infant mortality rate alarmingly. The Ansarullah said Thursday the ongoing Saudi military aggression against Yemen has fueled famine, poverty and diseases, resulting in the deaths of 50,000 children annually, many of whom are under […]