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US intimidation of Russian weapons could cause collapse in US market

The Trump administration has made a major effort to dissuade countries from buying Russian military equipment, however, this may be “a double-edged sword”. This is because such measures may drive US customers away from Russian, Chinese or European arms makers, according to military analyst Omar Lamrani. In an article published by Stratfor, Lamrani states that […]


US has nothing like Russia’s brand new submarine

Unlike the all-nuclear American submarine fleet, the newest Russian B-274 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky war submersible of the Varshavyanka class is diesel-powered. Specialist H I Sutton pointed out in Forbes magazine that while Russia operates nuclear submarines, Russia still produces conventional submarines, which sets its naval force apart from the US. “The last conventionally powered submarines in the […]

Inspectors General Conclude American Bureaucrats are Malicious and Stupid

After the September 11th terrorist attacks, Americans came together in a way not seen since the Second World War. The nation determined the rubble must be cleared, the dead buried and mourned, the Taliban punished, al Qaeda destroyed, and Osama bin Laden brought to justice. American country music singer, Toby Keith, captured the national mood […]

China will remove US technology from government computers

BEIJING – The directive of China no longer using US technology for government computers is expected to hurt US giants HP, Dell and Microsoft. After Washington imposes restrictions on Chinese company Huawei, Beijing is preparing to adopt countermeasures package. China has ordered all foreign components removed from the computers of government agencies and public institutions. […]

Russia says it will not join US interference in Venezuelan affairs

Russia will not interfere with Venezuela’s internal affairs, either on its own initiative or in cooperation with the US, Federation Council Defense Committee Deputy Chairman Franz Klintsevich said. The senator stressed that interference in the affairs of any country is unacceptable. “Russia cooperates with the legitimately elected president of Venezuela, fulfilling all its commitments to […]

US tries to strangle Iran economically

MOSCOW – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday that the United States is trying to economically strangle Iran and provoke discontent among the Iranian people. “If the American plan is to strangle Iran economically and stimulate the people’s discontent, we see the same plan in relation to Venezuela ,” Lavrov said. According to the […]

Russia will respond to US sanctions imposed for alleged cyber crimes

MOSCOW – Russia will not leave unanswered Washington sanctions against Russian individuals and companies for alleged cyber crimes. The statement came from Russia’s own Foreign Ministry on Friday. The US Treasury Department announced Thursday that the US government has imposed sanctions on 17 individuals allegedly linked to a virtual Russian criminal organization called Evil Corp., […]

Hunter Biden – an embarrassment to his father and dead brother?

Before becoming Barak Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden was a senator from Delaware. Delaware is a small state of 961,000, where everyone knows everyone else and everyone knows all the major office holders. Here, all politics are local and Joe Biden comes off as an amiable good guy, kind of like a family’s goofy uncle. […]