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U.S. Sanctions Could Push Turkey To Leave NATO

ANKARA – The administration of the Kurdish-controlled regions in north-eastern Syria announced on Sunday that they had reached an agreement with the central Syrian government in Damascus to deploy Syrian troops along areas of the border region with Turkey to help repel the Turkish aggression. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan legitimized Turkey’s operations in Syria […]


Does the US plan to remove nuclear weapons from Turkey?

WASHINGTON DC – Professor of Political Science Jana Jabbour commented on the likelihood that the US would withdraw its allegedly present nuclear weapons in Turkey as relations between the two countries worsened. Since Turkey began its operation Fountain of Peace in Syria, the country has been the target of international criticism and risks being isolated. […]

US Aircraft Carrier Has Critical Failures in Just 2 Years in Service

WASHINGTON DC – The most sophisticated and potentially most advanced aircraft carrier in the US Navy, the USS Gerald R. Ford, already has numerous failures in just two years of service, according to the US Naval Institute. The ship is the leader of a new series of nuclear aircraft carriers, writes the US institute. One […]

China will use Pakistan to keep India from getting closer to the US

No one will help India remove Pakistan from consideration if New Delhi does not do it alone, according to an analyst at the Defense Research and Analysis Institute (IDSA). Like most major global players, China has also used its proximity to Pakistan and the current trade advantage over India to prevent New Delhi from approaching […]

MAJOR: Russian navy escorts U.S. military ship in the Black Sea

MOSCOW – Ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet began to escort the USS Porter destroyer, which entered the waters of the southern Black Sea, reported the Russian National Defense Control Center. The direct control of the actions of the US Navy ship in the Black Sea is being carried out by frigate Admiral Essen […]

US wants to deprive Russia of possibility of nuclear retaliation attack

WASHINGTON DC – The US may soon adopt a new medium-range missile designed to destroy the control centers of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces. On Friday, Konstantin Sivkov, a fellow member of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences, said the adoption of a Pershing II medium-range missile would be expected in the near future. […]

Putin: US exit from INF treaty is linked to fears about Asia

MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized Washington’s plans to deploy short- and medium-range ballistic missiles in Asia, saying they could hit Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin said the US short- and medium-range ballistic missile deployment plan in the Asian region is of concern to Russia as such missiles could reach Russia. “The United States […]

The U.S. loses the race of furtive combat drones against Russia and China

WASHINGTON DC – Originally a pioneer in the development of stealthy combat drones, the US abandoned the project for political reasons. But now it is determined to recover its positions before the advances that Russia, China and even Israel made in this area, writes the Asia Times newspaper. Drones can fulfill almost any mission of […]