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MAJOR: The REAL Reason Behind Bolton’s Dismissal Revealed (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – On Tuesday, President Trump fired his National Security Advisor, John Bolton. Trump announced his decision through Twitter. And he frankly explained to journalists that A: Bolton didn’t get along with the president’s team at the White House and B: He made major foreign policy mistakes. As an example, Trump mentioned Bolton upsetting the […]


ESTONIA: Ukraine’s ‘Ally’ or A Cheap Labor Predator (VIDEO)

TALLINN/KIEV – The so-called Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) are well-known, or better said, infamous for their fervent Russophobia. Despite Russians being the largest ethnic minority in all three states (a third of the population of Estonia and Latvia, and almost 10% in Lithuania), they are deprived of their basic human rights. Of course, […]

EU Court Wants to Torpedo Nord Stream 2 (VIDEO)

BRUSSELS/MOSCOW – The European Court rescinded the European Commission’s decision, which entitled Gazprom to run the OPAL natural gas pipeline at full capacity. The pipeline, which is 480 kilometers (300 miles) long, laid through Germany, connects the Nord Stream with the main European natural gas pipelines. The Czech Republic receives Russian gas through it, then […]

Russia and Ukraine: Peace, To Be, or Not To Be, That is the Question (VIDEO)

MOSCOW/KIEV – The exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine officially took place on Septemeber 7. In the afternoon, the airplanes landed practically simultaneously in Moscow and Kiev. This exchange happens at a time when the newly elected Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky promised to “talk to Putin”. Neo-Nazi hardliners in Ukraine oppose the move. Although […]

Trump says he is ready to ‘get involved’ in Russia-Ukraine dialogue

WASHINGTON DC – US President Donald Trump said on Monday he was ready to take part in negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. The US leader also called the recent release of detainees by both countries a very positive step. “”I believe the fact that the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine took place…is a […]

Soviet technology generates tension between US and China

WASHINGTON DC – The US wants to prevent China from acquiring a Ukrainian engine company for fear that the Chinese will have access to technologies developed by the USSR. According to various media, the recent visit by John Bolton, US Homeland Security advisor, to Ukraine aimed to prevent Chinese companies from acquiring more than 50% […]

Putin and Zelvensky talk on phone after prisoner swap

MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky, the Kremlin press service said on Saturday. According to Kremlin, the conversation was held at the initiative of the Ukrainian chief executive. The press service of the Russian president reported that the leaders of Russia and Ukraine positively evaluated […]

PUTIN TO UKRAINIANS: We’re Two Parts of the Same People (VIDEO)

Vladivostok, Russian Federation – While the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia’s Far East was taking place, Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked about the possibility of an earlier prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia, which had already been postponed before. Apart from reiterating his readiness to do so, the Russian President also talked about the […]