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MAJOR: VIDEO – U.S Forces block Russian patrol in Syria

DAMASCUS – In Syria, a near -skirmish occurred between Russian and American military patrols. This was reported by the local news agency ANHA. The agency published an amateur video shot on a smartphone, which shows how the US military blocked the Russian patrol. Judging by the video, the Americans put two armored vehicles on the road, which caused […]


Syria Rejects Cooperation with Turkey against Kurdish Militias

DAMASCUS – An informed Syrian source denied reports by Reuters that the Syrian-Russian-Turkish meeting in Moscow has discussed potential coordination against the presence of the Kurdish militants in northern Syria and the possibility of joint action against People’s Protection Units (YPG). The source rejected the Reuters report on a joint campaign against the Kurdish militias […]

Hussein Askary: The New Silk Road’s Advance Across the Middle East

Anyone looking at a map of the Belt and Road Initiative will notice that Syria, Iraq and Iran’s stability and active participation are vital for this world changing program to function. Anyone not realizing that this program of win-win cooperation is in direct anti-thesis to the neocon paradigm of “a clash of civlizations” would be blind to the very essence of world history and modern events.

U.S Army Begins Evacuation of Syrian base on Iraqi Border

DAMASCUS – [SANA] – U.S. occupation forces have evacuated their illegitimate base in al-Malikiya area near the Syrian-Iraqi-Turkish borders after about six months of their presence at the base, northeast of Hasaka. Local sources in the area told SANA reporter in Hasaka that U.S. occupation troops positioned in the base of Khrab al-Jir have started […]

UPDATED – PHOTOS – Putin makes surprise Christmas visit to Assad in Syria amidst US created Crisis in Iraq

DAMASCUS – Russian President Vladimir Putin made a surprise Christmas Day visit to Syria on Tuesday to meet with his Syrian counterpart Bashar Al-Assad and several Russian military officials. Orthodox Christmas falls on January 7th on the international calendar, which is December 25th on the Julian calendar observed by most Orthodox churches in the world. […]