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ISIS Terror Plot Thwarted in Southern Lebanon

BEIRUT – On Monday, Lebanese security forces arrested an Islamic State (ISIS) recruit who was plotting a string of terror attacks on a number of Christian and Shi’ite religious sites in Southern Lebanon. The suspect, a 20-year-old Syrian national living in the Southern Lebanese village of Yater, was tracked and arrested by the Lebanese Internal […]


Moscow: Syria’s stabilization plan should include Iran’s interests

MOSCOW – Russia’s Security Council Deputy Secretary-General Aleksandr Venediktov said on Sunday that he hoped to reach agreement with Israel and the US on steps to be taken to stabilize the Middle East and Syria in particular. He thanked the United States, saying that the country is showing political will. “We must pay tribute to […]

WATCH as Russian jets eliminate terrorists in Syria

HAMA – A video showing an attack by the Russian Space Forces against terrorists in the Syrian province of Hama has appeared on the network. According to comments for the video, the Russian plane attacked the terrorists near the village of Zakiat. The images show a large column of smoke that rises in the air. […]

Netanyahu upsets Trump : “Deal of the Century” once again postponed

For the United States peace plan on a Palestinian-Israeli settlement, or, as Donald Trump likes to call it , “the deal of the century”, difficult times have come once again. A new problem developed in the already well-known difficulties in Trump’s implementation of the initiative, in the form of a categorically negative position of the Palestinian leadership with […]

Why Armenia sides with Assad in Syria’s civil war

BY IDO VOCK – When Armenia sent a few dozen troops to support the Russian military mission in support of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad earlier this year, few eyebrows were raised. Thousands of foreign soldiers from powers as disparate as the United States and Turkey are already stationed in the country. A handful more sappers […]

US shamelessly CAUGHT spying on Russian airbase in Syria

LATAKIA, Syria – A US reconnaissance aviation group has carried out an operation near the Russian airbase of Hmeymim in Syria, which violates the memorandum signed between the US and Russia in 2015. According to the Zvezda network, which cites a source familiar with the situation, the incident occurred on Tuesday. The reconnaissance operation was […]

MAJOR: Russian Su-35 intercepts US spy jet near Syria

TARTUS, Syria – A Russian Su-35 fighter intercepted a US military jet Poseidon P-8A over the Mediterranean Sea three times this Tuesday, the US Sixth Fleet said in a statement. “While the Russian aircraft was operating in international airspace, this interaction was irresponsible,” the Sixth Fleet said in a statement. “The U.S. aircraft was operating […]