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Hussein Askary: The New Silk Road’s Advance Across the Middle East

Anyone looking at a map of the Belt and Road Initiative will notice that Syria, Iraq and Iran’s stability and active participation are vital for this world changing program to function. Anyone not realizing that this program of win-win cooperation is in direct anti-thesis to the neocon paradigm of “a clash of civlizations” would be blind to the very essence of world history and modern events.


Memorial Honoring the Life of Lyndon LaRouche Held in New York City

Lyndon LaRouche died on February 12, 2019 and his passing at the age of 96 has caused many people to take a deeper look at this fascinating personality who ran for the presidency eight times, led international political, scientific and artistic organizations for decades, has spent years in jail as an American political prisoner and has advised many government officials since 1976.