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This is How the Murder Charge on Derek Chauvin Must be Upgraded

Judging from the video (enlarged screenshot, above), Derek Chauvin enjoyed the act of killing George Floyd, hands in his pockets, nonchalant, rocking his knee pinning Floyd’s neck to the pavement with near full force of his body weight. Then, Chauvin’s former ‘moonlight employer’ says in no uncertain terms Chauvin had exhibited symptoms of cowardice when […]

Delhi Violence Warns of Indian Polarization on Communal Lines

By Azhar Azam – Shaheen Bagh, in the neighborhood of Indian capital New Delhi, has been the epicenter of protests by mostly women, with some of them toddlers in their tows. They were expressing their gripes over the discriminatory Indian Citizenship Amendment ACT (CAA), which fast-tracks naturalization for some religious minorities excluding Muslims. Violence sparked in the northeast […]

Paris Streets Fill Up with Trash as Pension Strikes Hit Waste Collection

PARIS – France’s trains may be running again but the whiff of discontent over the government’s pension reforms still hangs thick in the air as a waste disposal strike begins to bite. Sidewalks in several parts of Paris have become obstacle courses of overflowing wheelie bins after 10 days of blockades at the city’s incineration […]

Strikes Paralyze France for Fifth Consecutive Week

PARIS – France is bracing for a national day of action on Thursday as the strike that has seriously hampered the country continues into its fifth week. The protest will involve thousands of transit workers, with the main gathering planned in Paris for early this afternoon, global news agencies reported. Workers will also hold rallies […]

MAJOR: Morales Warns Against Violence as Opposition Hints at Coup

LA PAZ – Bolivia’s government accused its rivals of plotting deadly violence against it after an opposition figure vowed to oust leftist President Evo Morales and called for the military’s support. Deadly unrest has gripped the South American country since Morales was named the winner of the October 20 election for a fourth term, AFP […]