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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Western Mass Media 100% Infiltrated by CIA, William Binney

The Herland Report TV: Our totalitarian democracy means end of freedom for the people  “We are violating the Constitution by spying on every US citizen. It is a totalitarian process, for example the media is totally infiltrated by the CIA” says former NSA director, William Binney, on his role as the leading American whistleblower before […]


YELLOW VESTS: French Government Exposed! Using Israeli-made Nanoparticles and Chemical Markers on Protesters

Published on: Mar 27, 2019 @ 12:20 – During the protests and subsequent orgy of violence instigated by French government militias, Yellow vests and passers-by have unknowingly become guinea pigs for the first global experiment on humans with nanoparticles and chemical markers whose effect on biological organisms is still very poorly understood. This was reported by […]

Poroshenko regime created black lists of undesirable journalists

October 1, 2015 Varjag_2007 Translated by Kristina Rus Poroshenko regime created black lists of journalists, who are jailed or pressed Poroshenko’s regime created a black list of journalists — reporters who because of their critical position towards the authorities are called in for questioning or jailed, said former MP Olena Bondarenko on Chanel 17, reports […]

History will Remember Ukraine’s ‘Exceptionalism’

September 16th, 2015 Fort Russ Team with special thanks to Nina Kouprianova History will remember these fantastic examples of Ukraine’s ‘exceptionalism’.   It reads: “Separatism? Russophilia? Federalism? There is a way out! We’ll cure your love for Russia. Free, Without a Time Limit, Anonymously”—Ukraine security agency in Kherson (next to Crimea).

The Right Sector reign of terror over Ukrainian villages

Ilya SERGEEV for A neighbor returned from Khmelnitchina, was at a funeral of old relative. The woman is in shock, but not from the sad ceremony. It turns out, Ukrainian villages live today in a real occupation regime. People are terrorized by the new banderite authorities. During the family gathering after the funeral, a military truck “Ural” drove up to the […]