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DUGIN: The Deconstruction of Democracy

For Platonists, according to Dugin, democracy is a false doctrine; it is built on a world that doesn’t exist and a society that cannot exist. The following is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Political Platonism: The Philosophy of Politics, by Alexander Dugin. The Concept of “Democracy” Is Not Neutral and Not Self-Evident Democracy today cannot […]


Pink-washed Imperialism: Queering the World for Capital

By Jonathan McCormack – There are—the teary-eyed politicians tell us—primitive peoples still darkly groping about in this current year without the blessings of our own enlightened, Western sexual values. President Trump has, therefore, pledged to civilize these backward lands, waging war against the criminalization of homosexuality. His announcement came soon after a report of the […]

Flores: VIDEO – The Catastrophe of Liberalism and the Mind of God

In this long-form interview, with Arktos’ podcast Interregnum, host John Bruce Leonard raised what we hope FRN readers will find to be a series of in-depth and very engaging questions about the dominant paradigm of our time – liberalism. While this subject has many dimensions, in this two-hour interview, which we hope readers will get […]

DUGIN: Anti-Communism and Anti-Fascism are Tools of Capitalism

Translator’s note – These notes below correlate to a broader Russian language-only discourse on Dr. Dugin’s ‘Dugin’s Directive’ show, intended for Russian audiences. The results can lead to some confusion among Anglophone readers as well as those following events in Ukraine. For the record, Dr. Dugin has been a staunch advocate and supporter of self-described […]

DUGIN: The End of Atlanticism and the Rise of the Heartlands

By Alexander Dugin Published on: Mar 13, 2019 @ 19:12 The classical schools of geopolitics recognize a deep dualism between the Civilization of Land (Heartland) and the Civilization of Sea. As Mackinder said, he who controls Eastern Europe, controls Heartland, and he who controls Heartland, controls the world. This idea was subsequently developed by Spykman into […]

VIDEO: What is the Strategy of Eurasianism? A Critical Examination in Brief

The below video is an excellent exposition of Eurasianism, but not without defect which I’ll be exploring in brief.   One weakness which it does inadvertently highlight in Eurasianist theory is this: The “peninsula of peninsulas” at the western extremity of the Eurasian land-mass is still part of Eurasia. “Europe” is not a continent of […]