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MAJOR: Turkey Deploys HAWK SAMs to Idlib

Idlib, Syria – Syria’s UN ambassador once again denounced Turkey for defying Damascus and intensifying its illegitimate military presence in the Arab country, saying Ankara’s forces have deployed US-made missiles to Syria’s terrorist-held Idlib Province in a flagrant violation of international law. Speaking at a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) session on the situation in […]


LIBYA: Haftar Retakes the Initiative

TRIPOLI – A few months ago, Khalifa Haftar declared the “zero hour“ for the capture of Tripoli. Indeed, the stalemate that had lasted until then began to crumble and the LNA forces under the command of Haftar began to push towards the heart of Tripoli. Several elite brigades were deployed on the southbound line, resulting […]

Military Expert: Turkey Using Ceasefire in Idlib to Reequip Terrorists

DAMASCUS/ANKARA – A prominent Syrian general and military expert warned that Turkey’s continued support for the terrorist groups and their equipment with new war tools will lead to the inevitable collapse of the newly brokered ceasefire in Idlib, which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin signed last Thursday. “The information […]

An Estimated 85,000 Turkish-Backed Terrorists are Fighting in Syria and Libya, While Thousands are in Terrorist Training Camps in Turkey

ANKARA – According to data collected by sources from the battlefields in Syria and Libya and given to Press TV, there are roughly 85,000 terrorists who enjoy Turkey’s support. Of this number, some 38,500 terrorists are operating under the banner of the National Front for Liberation, which is a coalition of 15 factions, and include […]

Syria Condemns US, Turkey for Illegal Infiltration of Officials Into Idlib

DAMASCUS – The Foreign Ministry of the Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemned the United States of America and Turkey for the illegitimate infiltration of American officials into the Arab country’s northwestern Idlib province, partially occupied by US and Turkish-backed terrorists. “The Syrian Arab Republic denounces and condemns in the strongest terms the thievery and banditry […]