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MAJOR: US Doesn’t Rule Out Sending Additional Troops to Syria

DAMASCUS/WASHINGTON, D.C. – US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper commented on a variety of issues on Saturday while delivering remarks at the Reagan National Defense Forum at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. “I think we have enough troops in Syria and if we don’t we would deploy additional troops — that’s […]


The Art of Peace- The New Silk Road Counters an Age of Turbulence

On November 16, an seminar was held in Montreal Canada entitled “The Art of Peace: The New Silk Road Counters an Age of Turbulence” hosted by the Rising Tide Foundation, featuring six speakers tackling the multi-faceted New Silk Road from artistic, engineering, historical, philosophical and scientific standpoints.

NATO Doesn’t Care That Montenegro Is a Haven For Crime and Corruption

There was international jubilation when Montenegro seceded from its union with Serbia in 2006 after a controversial referendum. The Referendum Law prevented Montenegrins living and registered in Serbia from voting in the referendum, ensuring that tens of thousands of Montenegrins, in a country of only 622,000, who would have voted to remain the union could […]

Majority of Germans Favor Reducing US, NATO Reliance

BERLIN – A majority of Germans are in favor of reducing their reliance on US defense and having closer ties with Russia, according to a YouGov survey commissioned by the German DPA news agency. Around 55% of Germans said that in the case of an attack, they would want European NATO nations to defend themselves […]

Putin: Russia Against Militarization of Space But Will Respond to Any Threat

MOSCOW – Russia has consistently opposed the idea of space militarization, but the actions of the US and its allies force Moscow to counterbalance this growing threat, President Vladimir Putin stated. “Russia has always opposed and continues to oppose the militarization of space,” the Russian president told a government meeting on military policies, according to […]

Macron seeks to replace Trump as NATO leader

PARIS – Emmanuel Dupuy, president of the European Perspective and Security Institute (IPSE), comments on the challenges facing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the friction between the French and US presidents. On Tuesday, the summit of the organization took place in London , with a great reunion of the Member States: all were […]

Dangerous relationships? NATO division over Russia will continue

MOSCOW – The Russian issue is likely to lead to ever deeper splits between NATO members. Countries like France and Italy resent the aggressive tone that Eastern European countries employ to address the Eurasian power, says one analyst. The differences of interests between NATO members come to the fore when it comes to Russia, believes […]

VIDEO captures NATO leaders making fun of Trump

LONDON – Video shows leaders gathered during cocktail party at Buckingham Palace, exchanging heated impressions that seem to refer to US President Donald Trump. The French president, Emmanuel Macron, and UK prime ministers, Boris Johnson, and Canada, Justin Trudeau , were spotted by an indiscreet camera during the reception at Buckingham Palace. In the clip, […]