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Ukrainian battalions are shelling each other with Grad

Alexander ‘Batman’ Bednov Rusvesna   Commander of the 4th battalion of Ministry of Defense of Lugansk Republic, Alexander ‘Batman ‘Bednov reported that during several days intense fighting was going on between nazguardia and battalion ‘Aidar’ (punitive volunteer battalion subordinate to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine). According to the information of the militia recon groups, parts of the National […]


The Secrets of Novorossia. Part 1. The Enemy.

Vladislav Shurygyn   We’ve known each other for a very long time. Since the Chechen war, so, perhaps, this is why this conversation took place.   “…Let’s just agree – data on quantities, organization and other “installations” we will leave out of the brackets. Russia did not participate in this war and will not participate, and that’s the end of […]

NAF Commander Igor ‘Bes’ Besler Press-Conference

B.: I endorse and will vote for Zakharchenko and support the Minsk agreement, bad peace is better then good war. I don’t discuss orders. Q.: Do you obey orders from your superiors? B.: Absolutely! I am a military man. We have a strict hierarchy. I follow orders from the Ministry of Defence. (I wonder what El […]