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Russian system of hypersonic missiles is shown in action (VIDEO)

MOSCOW – In Russia, the audience of an air show could see the Kinzhal hypersonic missile system in action. The Kinzhal hypersonic missile system was shown today, August 10, during a concert organized in the Ryazan region as part of the International Military Games. The images were published by Russian television channel Zvezda. During the […]

BBC FAKE NEWS – PROPAGANDA ALERT! Italian Police Missile Seizure Raid 100% Flipped Around

BBC reported that the Italian police seized a missile during raids on Italian far-right extremists, stating that the radicals had connections to pro-Russian rebels in Donbass/Eastern Ukraine. Other Western mainstream media outlets have reprinted the news. The official Italian police statement, however, says that the far-right radicals were fighting AGAINST the pro-Russian rebels in Donbass/Eastern […]

Russian bomber could be extremely ‘nasty’ for US, magazine admits

MOSCOW – Recently, the Russian Ministry of Defense released images of the much awaited strategic bomber Tu-22M3M in action. In the disclosure it is possible to see the bomber in takeoff, flight and landing maneuvers. Tupolev’s press office said the aircraft had 80% of its avionics replaced, which will improve navigation accuracy and automation level, […]

Outgunned: U.S Navy Still Can’t Counter Russian Missiles

WASHINGTON D.C – The US Navy command is developing powerful, tamper-proof radars capable of detecting ballistic and cruise missiles as it is seriously concerned to protect its ships from the new missiles from Russia and China. It is anticipated that in the coming years two dozen Arleigh Burke class destroyers will be equipped with more […]

Russia successfully completes powerful new missile tests

MOSCOW, Russia – The new Russian S-80FP air-to-ground missile has successfully completed its tests and is expected to be delivered to the Russian Army soon, according to Russian CEO Tecmash CEO Vladimir Lepin. The S-80FP is designed to be integrated with Su-25 fighters and Mi-8 helicopters. In addition, the missile will be able to penetrate […]

Russian Air Forces to Receive Powerful S-350 Vityaz Missile Systems in 2019

MOSCOW, Russia – Russian Aerospace Forces will receive their first S-350 Vityaz medium-range ground-to-air missile system next year, the Defense Ministry said. “In 2019, the Aerospace Forces will receive the new S-350 Vityaz missile system for the first time,” the statement said. The troops will also be equipped with about a dozen Pantsir-S air defense […]


The US successfully conducted the first test of its ballistic missile interceptor recently . But despite this, in the field of anti-missile defense, the country is a decade behind Russia’s Strategic Nuclear Forces, said Russian media Politika Segodnya. At the end of last month, the US Defense Department’s Missile Defense Agency reported that the US […]

SU-34 UPGRADE! Russia Launches Newest Anti-Aircraft Kh-35U Missiles

Su-34 fighters carried out a launch exercise of the latest anti-aircraft Kh-35U missiles at the Pacific Fleet polygon, Russia’s Defense Ministry said. “As part of conducting training missions in the Pacific fleet, Su-34 multifunctional fighter-bombers launched the latest anti-aircraft Kh-35U missiles,” the report said. The launches were carried out with multiple simultaneous targets, simulating a […]

Encircling: US intends to deploy 37 more missile defense systems around Russia

February 12, 2018 – FRN –  Rusvesna – translated by Inessa Sinchougova The US administration has asked to allocate funds for the construction of 37 Aegis missile defense systems in Romania and Poland, the operations director of the Missile Defense Agency, Gary Pannett, said on Monday. “Within the framework of the draft budget for the 2019 […]