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Facebook Operationalizes New Zealand Terrorism: FB Uses Tragedy as Pretext for Further Censorship and Integration with Police

PALO ALTO, California – Published on: Mar 17, 2019 @ 13:03 – Facebook employees removed over 1.5 million videotapes posted on social networks that captured the terrorist attack in Christchurch New Zealand. This was admitted in a statement by the official representative of Facebook, Mia Garlick, as 1.2 million videos were deleted at the download stage. […]

Pakistan-India Standoff and the Shadow of Clash of Civilizations – Part-I

By Sabtain Ahmed Dar, exclusively for FRN Sabtain Ahmed Dar is a Pakistan-based political analyst and a research fellow at the Department of Political Science, Punjab University. He specializes in Pakistan affairs and geopolitics, specifically the US strategy in the Middle East and South Asia. He also writes for Fort Russ News and his analysis […]

TEXAS: Defending Reality in the 21st Century

WARNING – THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS A GRAPHIC IMAGE OF REALITY   ” Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. ”  – John 8:32   What is happening now, especially in the last couple of years, including this one, is the transformation of not only history and language, but the transformation […]

ATLANTIC COUNCIL: U.S Tool in Achieving Geopolitical Goals

FRN presents the following with great enthusiasm. FRN and the individuals comprising our team have ourselves been the particular target of the Atlantic Council and its various cohorts and projects. These attacks have been defamatory, economic, and a campaign of silencing and intimidation. This is very real to us, and thank our readers ahead of […]

Moldovan President nixes law against Russian media

Chișinău – President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, said on Thursday he would not approve a new code of the Moldovan Parliament on television and radio, which advocates a ban on Russian news programs. Earlier, the Moldovan parliament adopted a new code for television and broadcasting. The document confirms the introduction of rules […]

“Invading Russia a nightmare for any attacker”, Swedish media

There are countries which if invaded ”would be a nightmare” for any would-be attacking army, Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet has claimed. The list includes Russia as well as Switzerland and New Zealand. Anyone who comes up with the idea of ​​invading Russia has to be prepared for action under any conditions: mountains, impassable marshes, frozen […]