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Egypt and UAE pound Turkish military in Libya, dead and wounded evacuated to Turkey

Scaling up bombings in Libya with Egyptian Rafale, UAE drones pounding Turkish bases across the country forcing Turkey’s defense ministry to order the immediate transport of wounded and dead Turkish soldiers back to Ankara. At the same time, Russian technicians rushed to Libya to support the Army. Recently, Khaf Haftar’s Commander of Operations, General Mabrouk […]


Erdogan: Bluffer or Potentate?

By Steve Brown – While the US concentrates on the crimes of its depraved political class, public exposure and the bright light thrown on their heinous crimes seems to have provided a window to get real work done, opposing corrupt US influence elsewhere, especially in Syria. Syrian security forces are making progress in cutting supply […]

MAJOR: Tripoli Awaits a Decisive Battle at ANY MOMENT

The battle ahead will end a long-standing state of suffering and open the way to a political solution that would not have been under the rule of militias, the proliferation of weapons and the dominance of the slogans of exclusion promoted by political Islam and its instruments. July 18, 2019 All eyes are on the […]

Ukraine Transports Heavy Weaponry to Tripoli to back GNA

By Steve Brown – “Alpha (Alfa) Air Ukraine engages in cargo transport by contract with other nations, or on behalf of the Ukraine government.  Alpha Air operates with aircraft such as the Ilyushin IL-76 heavy cargo lifter. For example it has been reported that on July 6th, 2019, IL-76 TD UR-COZ was employed to transport […]

Russia: UN has NO IDEA how solve crisis in Libya

MOSCOW – The UN Security Council has no ideas on how to resolve the ongoing conflict in Libya, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Safronkov said today. “The whole delegation is shocked and deeply concerned about the attack, but there is also a deadlock. There is a shortage of ideas on how to get out of […]

Libya: Marshal Haftar loses Gharyan HQ and Declares War on Turkey

From Strategika 51 – translated by Steve Brown for FRN – Our assessment of the situation in Libya proved to be correct. Turkish military support for the Tripoli government (GNA) has upset the calculations of the countries supporting Marshal Khalifa Haftar. Haftar and the LNA have failed to advance on Tripoli, and Haftar’s forces remain […]

Libya’s Civil War – the New Crisis 

By Steve Brown for FRN –  is the author of “Iraq: the Road to War” (Sourcewatch) editor of “Bush Administration War Crimes in Iraq” (Sourcewatch) “Trump’s Limited Hangout” and “Federal Reserve: Out sourcing the Monetary System to the Money Trust Oligarchs Since 1913”; Steve is an antiwar activist, a published scholar on the US monetary […]

China will rebuild Syria – US, EU, and Israel Excluded

By Vladimir Dobrynin – June 30, 2019 –According to Bashar al-Assad , the restoration of the destroyed infrastructure and cities of Syria, which are now in ruins, will cost Damascus approximately $ 200 billion, which is equal to the annual gross domestic product of Greece. Where to get such money for a destroyed country,  and who can […]