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Nihilism and International Politics – Of False Flags and Staged Attacks

By Amir Azarvan –Assistant Professor of Political Science, Georgia Gwinnett College –    From the sinking of the RMS Lusitania to the apparently staged chemical attack in Douma, humanity has witnessed a plethora of false – or, at minimum, highly dubious – pretexts for war.  Although I do not at all wish to imply that […]

Report: US Wants to Block General Electric From Selling Jet Engines to China

WASHINGTON, D.C./BEIJING – The United States government is considering whether to stop General Electric from continuing to supply engines for a new Chinese passenger jet, according to people familiar with the matter, casting uncertainty over China’s efforts to enter the civil aviation market. The potential restriction on the engine sales – possibly along with limits […]

Russia Confirms Intention to Respond If US Withdraws from Open Skies Treaty

MOSCOW/WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Russian Federation will be forced to take countermeasures if the United States of America withdraws from the Open Skies Treaty, the Foreign Ministry’s Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control Director, Vladimir Ermakov, said in an interview with the Sputnik news agency, slamming Washington’s claims about Russia violating the deal as groundless. […]

Did the United States Win the Cold War?

By Steve Brown – According to popular consensus, by 1991 the USSR lost the Cold War. However, it may be that the USSR’s ‘loss’ and subsequent emergence of the Russian Federation put Russia ahead of the game.  If the United States had truly won the Cold War, NATO would be history, and the US would […]

Top Chinese Diplomat: Our Mid-Range Missiles Don’t Pose Threat to Washington Unless It Moves Too Close

BEIJING – Chinese medium and intermediate-range missiles are confined within the country’s borders, a senior Chinese foreign ministry official said, warning the US against deploying its forces to Beijing’s doorstep. “Our medium and intermediate-range missiles are stationed on our territory. They don’t pose a threat to the US – at least, if the US doesn’t deploy […]