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UPDATED:   Seven ‘Iranian’ mortars fell Sunday inside Iraq’s al-Balad air base, which houses US forces Four Iraqi soldiers were wounded in the attack, two military sources said The military sources said the mortar bombs fell on the base’s runway FRN has not received confirmation from Iranian media the status or ownership of the attack […]


Iraq? Killing Invaders is Not an Evil for Which You Should be Killed

It goes without saying that I reject the moralistic absurdities of our media and political institutions, up to and including Trump’s. Describing Soleimani as “the world’s #1 terrorist” is self-serving nonsense. Soleimani was a general. His primary objective was to advance the interests of Iran. And that objective could be broken down, in my view, […]

KUSA: The U.S Occupation of Iraq is Over whether they want it or not

By Iliya Kusa – Expert in international politics at Ukrainian Institute for the Future It’s over. The Iraqi parliament voted to expel US troops from the country. The bill proposed by the Cabinet, several important points: 1. Immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and the completion of Operation Unshakable Determination. 2. Termination of the security […]

What is unfolding in Iraq right now?

By Yusuf Mshahwar The U.S. has fomented war in Iraq for going on forty consecutive years now. From backing and encouraging Saddam to attack Iran in the 80s to genocidal sanctions that murdered 500,000 children and a direct war in the 90s to a full scale invasion and the creation of Daesh in the 2000s. […]

Putin: Russia Against Militarization of Space But Will Respond to Any Threat

MOSCOW – Russia has consistently opposed the idea of space militarization, but the actions of the US and its allies force Moscow to counterbalance this growing threat, President Vladimir Putin stated. “Russia has always opposed and continues to oppose the militarization of space,” the Russian president told a government meeting on military policies, according to […]

Saudis Starving Yemenis to Death: Over Dozen Yemen-bound Ships Carrying Fuel, Food Impounded in Saudi Port

RIYADH – A Yemeni maritime official said the Saudi-led coalition has impounded more than a dozen ships carrying energy derivatives and food destined for the conflict-plagued and impoverished Arab country, despite the fact the vessels had earlier acquired necessary permits from the United Nations. The unnamed official at Hudaydah port told Al-Masirah television network on […]

MAJOR: Yemeni Forces Shoot Down Two More Saudi Drones

SANA’A – Yemeni army forces, supported by allied fighters from Popular Committees, intercepted and targeted two unmanned aerial vehicles belonging to the Saudi-led military coalition in the skies over the kingdom’s southern border regions on Wednesday, in retaliation for the alliance’s military aggression against their country. A spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya […]

SDF Source: Syrian Army, Kurdish Forces in Full Control over Ain Issa

DAMASCUS – Sources close to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Sunday that the Syrian army and Kurdish militants have established control over the strategic region of Ain Issa in northern Raqqa province. The Arabic-language al-Ahad news website quoted an SDF source as saying that the Syrian Army and the Kurdish militias are in […]