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Welcome to 2019 – You Are a Terrorist if You Believe in Anything

By Joaquin Flores 1.. Welcome to the next chapter of the nightmare, which the powers that be want to make your life. Welcome to 2019, where you are a potential terrorist if you believe in anything. 2. Make no mistake, you will be prosecuted – we are past the time of innocent until proven guilty. […]


Leadership in a Time of Crisis

This essay is perhaps best introduced as describing where you WILL NOT find leadership and why. It is in an American historical context with superimposed Native American derived story-telling format; where interrelated metadata is strung together in such a way as to challenge the American expression of the Western cultural assumptions. It will be best […]

FLORES: Does Fort Russ News Engage in Fear Mongering?

FRN is unlike many news sources in several ways. Ultimately, we have a message that another world is possible, and not only that, there are signs of it everywhere. FRN hopes to be something of a beacon, a lighthouse for ships at sea, and a safe harbor for those who have found us. We need […]

How Oleg Tsarev sneaked a humanitarian convoy into besieged Slavyansk

Oleg Tsarev in Slavyansk in April, 2014 April 27, 2015 Oleg Tsarev Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus Exactly one year ago, after the declaration of the ATO, Slavyansk was blocked by the Ukrainian troops. Shortages of medicines and food began in the city. I then as a candidate for President of Ukraine organized a […]