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EUCOM: US to Deploy Record 20,000 Soldiers to Europe

BRUSSELS – The United States will send a record 20,000 soldiers to Europe for participation in Defender Europe-20 drills marking the most significant deployment to the continent in the past 25 years, the US European Command (EUCOM) announced on Monday. “Approximately 37,000 US allies and partner nation service members are expected to participate with roughly […]


Russia’s Latest Elections Weren’t about Putin – Or Were They?

By Vladimir Majakov – Last Sunday, more than five thousand elections were held at different levels across 85 regions in Russia. 13 regions elected deputies to their regional parliaments. In 16 constituent entities governors were elected. 22 regional capitals saw the composition of their city parliaments renewed. In addition, city and town mayor elections as […]

Principled alliance: Balkans–Middle East parallels

By Vladimir Gujanicic – The maxim “divide et impera” has never been forgotten and has never been put out of service in Roman era. Every empire use such strategy to achieve its goals, where they can’t go through easily. On the other hand, the lesson of principled alliance needs to be learned, again and again, after […]

INTERVIEW: Italian PM Giuseppe Conte about cooperation with Russia (VIDEO)

ROME – On July 6, Russian President Vladimir Putin concluded his visit to Italy. He expressed hope that new EU authorities will see the economic damage caused by the sanctions and build good relations with Russia. The president stated this during his 11th official visit to Italy. Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini is also […]

REVEALED: See where U.S nuclear weapons are located in Europe

WASHINGTON DC – Information on US nuclear weapons was released in a report by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Committee. Last April a representative of Canada on the Defense and Security Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly published a report on US armament in Europe and the document was subsequently deleted. The report mentioned the location […]

Freeland Responds to Putin: Liberalism Will Prevail! (Nazis Will Help)

The elite attempting to control the world under an “end of history” neo-liberal doctrine have created a mountain of unresolvable paradoxes for themselves in Ukraine since unleashing the anti-Russian Euromaidan color revolution in late 2013 that unseated a pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych government, and replaced it with a Nazi-infested technocratic regime which has played out like a disastrous circus for the past five years.

Russia will connect Europe with China: Discover how

MOSCOW – The Government of Russia has approved the Meridian project, the first fully private national highway. It is the shortest route to move goods between China and Europe. The prime minister, Dmitri Medvedev, approved the construction of Meridian, the federal route for Europe-Western China. The route is included in the comprehensive plan for the […]

Italy will defend Russia against Europe’s sanctions policy

ROME – The Italian populists will try to convince Europe that Russia’s isolation is futile, Italian Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and League member Gian Marco Centinaio. “I think we now need to think about the fact that Russia is an important partner and should not be isolated. We will try to convince the […]