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BREAKING: Iran Admits it Shot Down Flight 752 – Citing Human Error

TEHRAN – Iranian authorities have just admitted that the Boeing 737 passenger plane of Ukraine’s International Airlines was hit by an Iranian air defense missile, which was launched accidentally. This was reported by the Fars news agency, noting that all Iranian air defense forces were “at the highest level of readiness” because of Washington’s repeated […]

18 Critical Facts in Solving PS752 Crash Mystery

  From Emma Leigh Fiala Be advised: The following are very scary Iranian talking points. Protect yourself from the propaganda by surrounding yourself with garlic before reading any further. This morning the head of the Iranian Civil Aviation Administration gave a press conference based on what the officials currently know. (FYI: This is translated and […]

MAJOR: Will Iran and Ukraine Coordinate Crash Investigation Efforts?

TEHRAN, Jan. 10 (MNA) – Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Ukraine spoke by telephone on Thursday and expressed condolences over the Ukrainian passenger plane crash and stressed the need to investigate the causes of the tragic accident.   President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine appreciated the efforts and work of Iranian relief agencies, […]

Iran Says NO! It Will Not Give Black Box of Crashed Plane to Boeing

Editor’s note – Ukraine and Canada? That’s always a highly suspect Banderist combination – almost always failing to mention the Israel connection uniting the two. We can’t say anything for certain, but the timing of this opens the door to create another MH-17 scenario – in fact it’s already beginning to bubble. More information war […]

Russia Bans Boeing 737 Max citing Serious Safety Concerns

The Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) banned the flights of “Boeing” in the Russian skies, based on a special order. The Russian Federation has closed its airspace for the Boeing 737 Max. The Russian Federation did it after a number of countries after the tragedy with this model of the ship near the city of Debre […]


By Maxim Karpenko – The United States, through its Europe-wide propaganda network, VOA – Voice of America has confirmed the death of their military pilot during a plane crash at the Clear Sky exercise near Vinnitsa, which occurred on October 15th. The deceased was named as Lt. Col. Seth Nering, nicknamed “Jethro,” reports Voice of America. […]