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FLORES: Defeat? Here’s How Sanders Will Avoid Corbyn’s Fate

Right now the DNC is working hard to see if they can sabotage Sanders’ campaign by pressuring him to take a moderate stand – a change of position – on any one of his main pillars: universal healthcare, student debt cancellation, and the $15 an hour minimum wage. The idea is to convince Sanders’ campaign […]

Iraq closes US-funded TV station for 3 months after report on corruption

BAGHDAD – Iraqi officials on Monday suspended the license of a US-funded TV station for three months after a program on corruption was aired. The report showed a possible case of corruption within Iraqi Sunni and Shiite religious establishments and accused prominent religious figures of benefiting from companies as a result of their connections with […]

Rotten rations lead to a mutiny of Ukrainian troops

“Can the soldiers, who are fed like that, defend their country? They can only go against unarmed civilians. And why this happens is clear to everyone. Because the army leadership makes money on theft and resale. Sell everything you can and can not. Including food. And the warrior-punishers are left with what others do not buy”

Ishchenko: Dual citizenship Ukraine is twenty years late

By Rostislav Ishchenko – Ukrainian nationalists are made up of solid flaws. Perhaps that is why they prefer to call themselves patriots. It seems like it seems, but not the same thing. However, from my point of view, they have one virtue. They never make sensible decisions, even if they chew the situation and put it in their […]