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US Trade Talks with China Must Ultimately Fail

By Steve Brown – Regardless of public opinion about the impeachment trial and how it will go — whether for or against — once again Washington is all show and no go. Even though the impeachment gambit must fail, the current idea that the administration will simply romp home to victory in 2020 is not […]


MAJOR: US, China Sign ‘Phase One’ Trade Deal

BEIJING/WASHINGTON, D.C. – The first part of a broader trade agreement between the world’s top economic superpowers was finally inked on Wednesday with the US suspending new tariffs in exchange for Chinese purchases of $200 billion in American goods. The accord, signed by President Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, puts on pause the […]

China bypasses Europe and Russia in the struggle for Ukraine 

By Sergey Ustinov   One of the important economic results of the past 2019 was a complete surprise both for those Ukrainian politicians, experts and pique vests from the “cushioned hundred” who defended the European choice with foam at the mouth, and for those who are seeking to resist the ongoing de-industrialization of the country […]

Beijing Reaffirms its Stance on Taiwan Being an Inalienable Part of China

BEIJING – People’s Republic of China announced its policy regarding Taiwan will not change, following the reelection of anti-China Tsai Ing-wen as the self-ruled island’s president for a second time. In a statement on Sunday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said the internationally-practiced policy of “one China”, under which Beijing claims rightful sovereignty over Taiwan, remained […]

China Blasts US Threat of Hitting Iranian Historical Sites

BEIJING – Chinese Envoy to Tehran condemned President Donald Trump’s remarks on striking 52 Iranian sites, including historical sites, if Iran targets US citizens or assets to avenge Washington’s assassination of its seasoned general. “World cultural heritage belongs to all humanity!” Chang Hua wrote on Twitter. Beijing has also accused the US of having a […]

MAJOR: Huawei And Other Chinese Firms Push Google Out of Asia

BEIJING – Chinese giants Huawei and Oppo plan to create an alternative to Google mobile services and seek cooperation with Indian developers. Their success may spell an end to Android’s market domination in Asia, and possibly beyond. For now, the global dominance of the Google-owned Android mobile operating system (OS) may seem to be without […]

Poll: Hong Kong Residents Overwhelmingly Against Independence From China

Hong Kong, China – Only 17 percent of Hong Kong residents are in favor of seeking independence from China and almost half blame the city government for civil unrest, rather than the government in Beijing, a new poll showed. The Reuters survey conducted by the Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute shows that, while 59 […]