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Companies from Russia and the Czechia team up to build cement factory in Nigeria

Russian companies Drobmash and Energomotor, Czech PSP Engineering and Nigerian Abia Cement signed a memorandum of understanding to build a cement factory in Nigeria, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Russia, Steve Ugbah, announced. “We have just signed the memorandum of understanding,” the ambassador said. The factory with the capacity to produce two million tons of cement annually […]


BRICS: Unequal economic growth could distance countries from bloc

The interests of the BRICS countries are likely to become increasingly divergent due to the disparity in the rates of economic growth in the bloc’s countries, points out economist Sergei Ermolaev of the Chair of Economic Theory at Russia’s Plekhanov University of Economics. This week, Standard and Poor’s (S&P), a rating agency, published a report […]

Russia Continues Strengthening Africa’s Stability, Ensuring Regional Security, Writes Off $20 BILLION of Debt

TEHRAN (FNA)- Russia will continue its effort toward an international strategic policy for strengthening Africa’s stability and ensuring regional security, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday at the Russia-Africa Summit. “As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, Russia intends to continue actively participating in elaborating a strategic policy of the global community and […]

Why Does Africa Need The West When It Has Russia?

Gabon President Ali Bongo Ondimba said in a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin back in July 2018 that “Africa needs” Russia’s support because it is a “big country [and] it has huge capabilities and can contribute a lot for the good of the continent,” said the leader of Gabon. He valued Russian participation […]

Kenya confirms full commitment to BRI with first oil export

Kenya has reached a new phase of its rapid development by making its first export of crude oil, and it is of little surprise that Chinese state-owned firm ChemChina won the tender to buy the oil at a premium. With this new cash injection, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has ensured that his country would continue […]

Flores UNRAVELS Sudan Intrigues – MidEaStream

A new Sudan agreement ushers in a new governing council, including both civilians and generals, to pave the way towards elections and civilian rule and the establishment of an independent investigation into the crackdown on protesters by the security forces. Flores engages with Marwa Osman and explains on Mid East Stream how and why its […]

Central Bankers Go Green… Why?

By acting on a purely emotional state of fear and panic as Greta demands we do, Carney-ite technocrats hope that no one bothers to shine light upon the blatant scientific fallacies underlying the entire “green new deal” which the Bank of England is proposing the world adopt.

MAJOR: African Hero of Zimbabwe – Robert Mugabe – Dead at 95

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Robert Mugabe, has died. He is remembered and known as the guerrilla leader who led Zimbabwe to independence in 1980 and ruled with clear authority – until a ‘friendly, pro-Mugabe salvation’ move by military leader Emmerson Mnangagwa ended his almost four decade rule in 2017. He was 95. In announcing the longtime […]