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Pink-washed Imperialism: Queering the World for Capital

By Jonathan McCormack – There are—the teary-eyed politicians tell us—primitive peoples still darkly groping about in this current year without the blessings of our own enlightened, Western sexual values. President Trump has, therefore, pledged to civilize these backward lands, waging war against the criminalization of homosexuality. His announcement came soon after a report of the […]

DECOLONIZATION PROCESS – The Chinese are pushing the US out of Africa

Beijing maintains a commercial and military presence in Djibouti and this seems to be making the US military nervous. This small country also houses the only permanent US military base on the continent. China’s growing military presence in Africa is viewed in a disturbing way in Washington. Pentagon officials are concerned that the biggest Asian […]

DUGIN: Free Africa or Death! Kemi Seba: African goal of a multipolar world

By Alexander Dugin – Until a few years ago, Africa was at a standstill. After the first wave of decolonization in the 1960s, the new African regimes tried all the political ideologies of the so-called “modern” era. This process led to the emergence of liberal, nationalist, communist or socialist societies in postcolonial countries. Unfortunately, the rigorous […]

Russian anti-tank system gains popularity in Africa

MOSCOW – Russian Kornet-E 9M133 anti-tank systems were installed on Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser cars in Ethiopia and the video of this weaponry appeared on the networks, informs the portal Russkoe Oruzhie. According to the portal, the presence of these mobile systems allows you to react quickly to various threats that arise during military operations. […]

Foreign Policy Magazine and The Famous Nigerian Internet Scam

As a longtime ‘unsuscribed’ person from all mails at Foreign Policy Magazine, not only the ‘Security Brief’ newsletter, it was interesting to me to receive an “internal test’ of the ‘Security Brief’ FP mail. What are the possibilities? 1) It was a straightforward snafu of the Foreign Policy web propaganda outlet. 2) Foreign Policy is […]

The charge: Sarkozy had €50 million motive to bomb Gaddafi

Officially, the purpose of NATO’s intervention was “to prevent a president from killing his people”. Unofficially, the mission was to quash a voice that became a little too embarrassing. By using the strong way, the former tenant of the Elysee thought he could bury the Libyan guide and all his secrets with him.

With Russian help, Angola will become the first African space power

LUANDA, Angola – The Russian ambassador to Angola, Vladimir Tararov, spoke about the objective of the cooperation with Angola in the space area and revealed some details about the future of this cooperation. During the official visit of Angolan President João Lourenço to Moscow in early April, Russia and Angola signed several intergovernmental agreements, including […]