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The Matrix of Anti-Russian Hysteria in the Balkans

By Vladimir Gujanicic – Over the last couple of years we are witnessing anti-Russian hysteria in the Balkans, where Russia is allegedly involved in various coup attempts (Montenegro), assassinations (Azem Vlasi) or the destruction of the SFRY (General Grahovac). All of these alleged “attempts” by Russia always end unsuccessfully, with failed assassinations, coups or conspiracies […]

WATCH IT HERE: The Debate – Bernard-Henri Lévy vs. Aleksandr Dugin

The long-awaited video of the debate between BHL and Dugin has just been released. – J. Flores   (Below – Dr. Dugin’s commentary from September 22nd, the day after the debate) By Alexandr Dugin – The debates with B.H.Levy in Amsterdam. I ve discovered that BHL is so ignorant that he even doesn t know what […]

Debunking Lies and Myths About the So-called ‘Soviet-German Pact’ (VIDEO)

MOSCOW – September 17th marked 80 years since Soviet troops retook western Belarus and western Ukraine, which were previously occupied by Poland. The Polish Army went for a landgrab after the turmoil of WW1, during which Russia lost massive territories. Much later, in 1939, Hitler’s Germany invaded Poland on September 1st, despite the fact that […]

MAJOR: Transcript Shows Trump Pressed Zelensky to Look into Biden (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON/KIEV – A session of the UN General Assembly took place in New York. The discussion was not so much about global problems, but rather Donald Trump’s problems. He’s being attacked by the Democrats demanding his impeachment, he “outraged” a young Swedish activist, and shocked Ukraine, threatening to stop helping it. And this was leading […]

The Tumultuous September: Madman US General Pits US Bombers Against Russian Missile Defenses, Saudi-Iranian Conflict Looming, While Biden Slams Trump (VIDEOS)

WASHINGTON/BRUSSELS/RIYADH/TEHRAN – American airmen are practicing the plan to break the Russian anti-air and anti-missile defense systems. And they already chose a target – Kaliningrad. Situated in the southeastern part of the highly contested Baltic Sea, the Kaliningrad Oblast is a Russian exclave packed with anti-air and anti-missile defenses and a real thorn in NATO’s […]