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CIA-MOSSAD Cluster-F**k: Neutralizing The Jeffrey Epstein Case

“Cohn’s job was to run the little boys. Say you had an admiral, a general, a congressman, who did not want to go along with the program. Cohn’s job was to set them up, then they would go along” [1] What is interesting about this small snippet is, 1) Concurrent to the present Epstein case, […]

The Misanthropic Bankers Behind the Green New Deal

Attacking the “mindless forces of the market” and vested power structures of capitalism are not bad things to do… but why must we de-carbonize? Re-regulating the too-big-to-fail banks is long overdue, but why do so many assume that a “Green New Deal” won’t just empower those same forces that have run havoc upon the world for the past half century and just cause more death and starvation than has already been suffered under Globalization?

Diego Fusaro: “The fall of the Conte government? Giorgetti’s League prevailed. We have the most stupid left in the history of humanity”

Philosopher, essayist, author of dozens of books (last, in chronological order, “The night of the world. Marx, Heidegger and technocapitalism”, published by UTET). exclusively interviewed Diego Fusaro who, on his social profiles, immediately criticized the choice of the League to end the yellow-green government. An interview where different issues were addressed with attacks on […]

Gladio, Tulsi Gabbard and US shootings: What the hell is going on?

El Paso eyewitness: Four shooters Call it the ‘let’s get Tulsi off the front page and force her into alienating her conservative supporters with the right to bear arms trap’ employing some tried and true (same old deep state) shit. CBS reports/tweets: “El Paso Police say they have “no doubt” there are multiple shooters” And […]

ANTONOPOULOS: NATO Looks to Latin America

Originally published on Geopolitica – Mr. Paul Antonopoulos is a geopolitical expert and an accomplished author. This is his latest take on NATO involvement in Latin America. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or more commonly known as NATO, seems to be readjusting its focus, especially when considering Colombia is already part of the organization as […]

IN DEPTH: New Captain For A Sinking Britain

By Eric Margolis – Britain’s new prime minister, Boris Johnson, is being called by many ‘the British Trump.’ It’s an easy comparison, given their quirky, confrontational styles, prominent blond hair, tribal politics, and xenophobic policies. But they are not alike. Johnson is a literate, witty product of Britain’s finest educational institutions, Eton and Oxford, who […]