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All quiet on the Skripal Front; “highly likely” still passing for evidence

Where? Have they been given new identities and new lives, as in the American “witness protection program”? One way or another, they have been shelved, or even silenced. Except for the fallout, which still abides, all has been quiet for more than a year. The Skripals, and all the “highly likely” lines, have done their work. In all Sergei’s years as a double agent for the Brits, he never accomplished anything this big.

FULL SITUATION REPORT: Syrian Army Advances, Latakia and Hama

By Vladimir Gujanicic, for FRN – May 13, 2019 – After almost seven days of offensive fighting, the Syrian army gradually progressed to the north. It can be said from the fact that large scale operations have not yet started. For now, the fronts are open in the north of the Hama and north of […]

BREAKING: CONFIRMED Four Oil tankers at UAE part of al-Fujairah ‘SABOTAGED’, government now admits

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – FRN has now confirmed that powerful explosions occurred in the Emirati port of al-Fujairah, where four oil tankers were admittedly sabotaged. The blasts took place early on Sunday morning, according to the Lebanon-based Al Mayadeen television channel, which reported the development hours later. FRN reported then on the story, as unconfirmed, […]