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The Middle East’s New Post-Regime Change Future

Just to get a sense of this incredible potential that is keeping western oligarchs up at night, I want to quickly review just a few of the greatest China-led reconstruction projects which are now taking hold in four of the most decimated areas of the Middle East: Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan.

All quiet on the Skripal Front; “highly likely” still passing for evidence

Where? Have they been given new identities and new lives, as in the American “witness protection program”? One way or another, they have been shelved, or even silenced. Except for the fallout, which still abides, all has been quiet for more than a year. The Skripals, and all the “highly likely” lines, have done their work. In all Sergei’s years as a double agent for the Brits, he never accomplished anything this big.