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MAJOR: Report Reveals UAE Using Gas Facility as Secret Prison in Yemen

SANA’A – The United Arab Emirates is running a secret prison in a gas facility operated by the French group Total in southern Yemen, according to information confirmed by Le Monde daily. The detainees of the prison – which is located in the industrial port town of Balhaf – have suffered inhumane treatment and endured […]

MAJOR: Turkey-Affiliated Forces, Terrorists Clash with Syrian Army in Hasaka

Hasaka, Syria – The Turkish Army and Ankara-affiliated terrorists resumed attacks on the Syrian army and the Kurdish militia in several regions in Hasaka province. The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that the attacks targeted the village of Tal Sho’air between Tal Tamar and Abu Ra’asin in Hasaka, adding that the Turkish […]

Russia and Syria Urge Global Community to Compel US to Leave Syria’s Al-Tanf

MOSCOW/DAMASCUS – Russia and Syria urge the international community to compel the United States to completely withdraw its troops from the Syrian territory, the joint coordination committees said on Thursday in a statement on the humanitarian situation in the Rukban refugee camp. According to the statement, the US is still occupying a 34-mile area around […]

US Weapons Arriving in Yemen Despite Objections of Congress

SANA’A- Newly obtained video footage shows that a shipment of US-made heavy weapons arrived in Yemen last week despite efforts by American lawmakers to prevent such arms transfers, according to a report. The footage shows an Oshkosh armored vehicle and other US-made military hardware being unloaded from a ship under the cover of darkness in […]

Is the US in Iraq because of China and not Iran?

Commenting on the growing cooperation between Iraq and China, Middle East expert Daniel J. Samet wrote an article for The Diplomat on the reasons for the US presence in Iraq. Washington-Tehran relations have been rife with suspicion, tension and accusations for decades. Against this background, the US has justified its military presence in Middle Eastern […]

MAJOR: Erdogan Directly Accuses US of Failure to Ensure Kurdish Troops’ Withdrawal from Northern Syria

ANKARA – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the United States was conducting joint patrols with Kurdish militants in the security zone in northern Syria, which contradicts the US-Turkish arrangements on Kurdish forces’ withdrawal. “Today, we started our second joint patrol as part of the agreement with Russia. Unfortunately, the United States is holding […]

MAJOR: Syrian Army Regains Control of Giant Oil Field in Hasaka

Hasaka, Syria – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) took back control of a key oil field in the Province of Hasaka in the northeastern part of the country. The Arabic-language Radio Sham FM reported on Tuesday night that the Syrian Arab Army has continued to advance in northeastern Syria and entered the al-Ramilan region in […]