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Hussein Askary: The New Silk Road’s Advance Across the Middle East

Anyone looking at a map of the Belt and Road Initiative will notice that Syria, Iraq and Iran’s stability and active participation are vital for this world changing program to function. Anyone not realizing that this program of win-win cooperation is in direct anti-thesis to the neocon paradigm of “a clash of civlizations” would be blind to the very essence of world history and modern events.


Nasrallah: US Presence in Lebanon is Illegitimate

BEIRUT – A leading Lebanese newspaper wrote that the Sunday speech by Secretary-General of Hezbollah Seyed Hassan Nasrallah after the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani meant the end of the US military presence in the region, adding that US deployment in Lebanon is no more legitimate. Ibrahim al-Amin, a Lebanese analyst, wrote in the Arabic-language […]

Target… Iran!

By Steve Brown – In June of this year we examined why the United States will not attack Iran subsequent to raised tensions in the region. Six months later on the cusp of 2020, the United States has not attacked Iran militarily … yet.  However, Defense Secretary Esper just threatened to deploy 14K more US mercenary* […]

Russia is against foreign interference in Lebanon and Iraq

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that Moscow was against foreign interference in the situation in Iraq and Lebanon. “With regard to the situation in Lebanon and Iraq […] our position is that it is possible to overcome the current crisis in these countries only through national dialogue,” said Lavrov. “I hope that […]

Syria is Lost.. Lebanon’s Gold is Next

By Steve Brown – The largest reserve gold traders on the planet are the six bullion banks. A bullion bank is a large multi-national bank authorized to serve as a conduit through which Central Banks – and the Fed primary dealers – loan their gold out into the market. All central banks lease gold, to maintain […]

The Middle East’s New Post-Regime Change Future

Just to get a sense of this incredible potential that is keeping western oligarchs up at night, I want to quickly review just a few of the greatest China-led reconstruction projects which are now taking hold in four of the most decimated areas of the Middle East: Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan.

Lebanese PM Resigns After Days of Protests in Beirut

BEIRUT – Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri announced his resignation on Tuesday, saying that he has reached a dead-end, after over a week of demonstrations as people accused his government of being corrupt and causing an economic collapse. “I have reached a dead-end today,” the 49-year-old prime minister said, adding that he should account for […]

Lebanese Paper Reveals US Mission’s Role in October Protests in Iraq

BEIRUT – A leading Lebanese newspaper revealed the role played by the US embassy in the October protest rallies in Iraq which turned violent. The Arabic-language al-Akhbar paper wrote on Saturday that it has gained access to a security document that shows the US mission’s role in organizing a secret formation to add fuel to […]

Nasrallah: Hezbollah can now Target Occupied Palestine – There is no more ‘Red Line’

Political section of the speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on September 2nd, 2019, on the occasion of the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (‘Ashura), and the day after Hezbollah’s retaliation against an Israeli armored vehicle. According to Israel’s military censor, there were no Israelis so much as scracthed by Hezbollah’s Kornet missiles, […]

Israel’s War Games

By Steve Brown Just one week ago (August 26th) we considered Israel’s bombing raid in Damascus, where conflicting reports suggested that the IAF targeted either Aqraba in southern Damascus, or Dama, about thirty miles further south.  This author speculated that Israel likely struck a Syrian Arab Army supply route near Khan Sheikhoun, but that conclusion […]