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MAJOR – Senior Iraqi MP: US Deployment Meant to Restore ISIS in Iraq

BAGHDAD – The US transfer of troops from Syria to Iraq is a plan for re-stationing ISIS terrorists in the country’s western province of Anbar, a senior Iraqi lawmaker said. After withdrawing from Syria, the US troops will station at American military bases in Iraq, a senior member of the Iraqi parliament’s Security and Defense […]


Why Is the Deep State So Angry about Syria?

By Steve Brown – Israel has been at war with Syria since 1948. Period. Full stop. It has been at war over the Golan, West Bank, southern Lebanon, and Shebaa Farms, where no peace agreement or armistice has ever been signed or accomplished between Israel and Syria.  During this time, the hegemonic power behind Syria’s […]

Iraqi Commander: US Paving Ground for ISIS Infiltration

BAGHDAD – A senior Hashd al-Shaabi (Iraqi Popular Forces) commander warned that the US military wargames at the country’s borders with Syria are aimed at creating a safe passageway for the ISIS terrorists’ infiltration. Hadi al-Khorasani revealed that the US forces were conducting drills and exercises on the Syrian border to make the ground prepared […]

MAJOR: A Raid in Which 11 ISIS Commanders Were Killed by Iraqi Security Forces Reveals US Involvement With ISIS

BAGHDAD – Nearly a dozen notorious ISIS terrorist commanders were killed in military operations by the Iraqi forces in a raid on their meeting in Salahuddin province, the Arabic-language media outlets said. The Arabic-language Sumeria News website quoted an Iraqi source Qatari al-Abidi as saying that the security forces of al-Jazeera operations, backed by Iraq’s […]

The US War on the Middle East Continues

By Steve Brown – Disparate reports, perhaps unreliable, claim that Saudi Arabia attacked Iranian-backed forces bordering Syria and Iraq, on September 18th. While Israel has “been blamed” for launching similar attacks on al Bukamal and in Iraq, Israel has not officially admitted to its involvement.    Whether the reports of Saudi aggression around al Bukamal are […]

Iraq closes US-funded TV station for 3 months after report on corruption

BAGHDAD – Iraqi officials on Monday suspended the license of a US-funded TV station for three months after a program on corruption was aired. The report showed a possible case of corruption within Iraqi Sunni and Shiite religious establishments and accused prominent religious figures of benefiting from companies as a result of their connections with […]

MAJOR: 12,000 Victims Killed by ISIS Discovered in Iraqi Mass Graves

BAGHDAD – Iraq’s High Commissioner of Human Rights disclosed that over 12,000 victims of the crimes committed by the ISIS are in hundreds of mass graves inside Iraq. “There are around 200 mass graves containing bodies of people killed by the ISIL (also known as Islamic State, ISIS or Daesh) terrorist group in different parts […]