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MAJOR – Russia is ready to help Cuba set up nuclear power industry

MOSCOW – Russia is ready to become Cuba’s strategic partner in the peaceful use of atomic energy if Havana so decides, said the first deputy head of the Russian government office, Sergei Prikhodko. Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev will visit Cuba on today and tomorrow with a broad agenda of bilateral cooperation. “As Cuban colleagues […]


Thanks to Russia, Cuba can solve its economic problems

MOSCOW – The collaboration between Cuba and Russia is essential for the island to solve the current crisis and move towards a situation of stability at the hands of Russian businessmen and investors. That is why the Cuban Government focuses its hopes on Russian investments and agreements that can be finalized after a week of […]

Twitter Furthers Censorship, Attacks Rights to Information

Twitter suspended accounts of multiple Cuban politicians, including the account of the country’s leader, Raul Castro, and his daughter, as well as the account of a Cuban TV talkshow Mesa Redonda. Some of the journalists who collaborated with the programme in the past, including journalists who work for RT en Español, have also had their […]

EXPERT: A brief history of American hypocrisy

By Doctor Vlad P. – History teaches us how to survive in the present and foresee the future, but only on the basis of the knowledge of the past. Thus, by studying history, we learn of all the ways in which various empires, states, and the elites struggled for power, wealth, and influence. There was […]

Cuba inaugurates new rail system with help from Russia and China

HAVANA – For the first time since the 1970s new trains were put at the service of the population of Cuba. The country’s authorities hope to develop a large-scale program for the renewal of the island’s rail system, with the help of Russia and China, over the next ten years. In May 2019, Havana received […]

AT AMERICA’S DOORSTEP: Russian Navy ships arrive at Cuba

A group of Russian ships from the North Fleet, led by the Admiral Gorshkov frigate, approached the coast of Cuba, said North Fleet spokesman Vadim Serga. “The group of North Fleet ships headed by the Admiral Gorshkov frigate approached the coast of Cuba. Today the Russian sailors will make a working visit to the capital […]

CHE GUEVARA: Socialism and Man in Cuba

Ernesto “Che” Guevara wrote “Notes for the Study of Socialism and Man in Cuba” in the form of a letter to Carlos Quijano, editor of La Marcha, an independent radical weekly published in Montevideo, Uruguay. It bore the dateline “Havana, 1965.” It was also printed by Verde Olivo, the magazine of the Cuban armed forces.  […]