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President Trump, leave Venezuela alone, attend to the Coronavirus

By: Ángel R. Veras Aybar, from El Dia In the midst of a planetary disgrace, the arrogant government of the United States has decided to line up cannons against President Nicolás Maduro and other top Venezuelan officials. The interventionist action and violation of the most elementary norms of peaceful coexistence are carried out based on a […]


Cuba Leads by Revolutionary Example in Covid-19 Fight

By Ramona Wadi “We have more physicians working abroad than practically any other country in the world, not because we are exporting anything but simply because we want to participate in building a world with better health conditions and living conditions,” Cuban doctor Luis Herrera declared in an exclusive interview with TeleSur. Dr Herrera is credited […]

US Blocks Emergency Repatriation Flight for Over 800 Venezuelan Citizens Stranded in US Amid Covid-19 Crisis

CARACAS/WASHINGTON, D.C. – Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza harshly criticized the United States of America for blocking a Venezuelan emergency flight to bring home almost a thousand Venezuelan citizens stuck in the United States, slamming American sanctions on the country’s airlines. As the United States becomes one of the world’s major epicenters for the rapidly […]

US Sanctions Hamper Coronavirus Fight in Venezuela

CARACAS – Venezuela is returning to the IMF with a request for $1 billion in assistance after a bigger financial rescue package was rejected by the Washington organization over illegal sanctions. President Maduro’s administration is arguing the emergency funds could be allocated through programs designed to purchase food, medicine and improve some hospitals’ infrastructure to […]

Hong Kong Rejects US Criticism of Human Rights Situation

Hong Kong, China – Hong Kong roundly rejected the criticism of its human rights practices leveled by the United States, stressing that the international financial hub is “firmly committed to upholding and safeguarding freedoms”. China’s special administrative region was rocked by months of anti-government protests, which began in June last year over a controversial extradition […]

Mexico tries to eradicate violence against indigenous women

Violence in Mexico against indigenous women is exacerbated daily, and discrimination based on gender, ethnicity and economic status is often unpunished.   In recent years, the violence of gender in Mexico has reached alarming figures, and the wave of femicide has soared to record 1,010 victims only in 2019. Statistics reflect the potential danger of being a woman in Mexico , something that gets worse when women belong to […]