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Evo Morales accuses Bolivian military commanders of honoring scam artists

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales accused his country’s Armed Forces commanders of honoring coup plotters who participated in the crackdown and massacre of protesters. Despite the message, Morales acknowledges that “fortunately not all military personnel.” Moments earlier, he had accused the government of current President Jeanine Ánez of preparing for the privatization of national companies […]


Colombia’s accusations against Russia outrages Internet users

BOGOTA – Many Colombians went to Twitter to criticize the country’s vice president, Marta Lucía Ramírez, after the policy accused Russia – and Venezuela – of using social networks to generate social unrest in Colombia. “We know that there is an international project, we know that there is an international support network to stimulate this […]

Russia will continue cooperation with Bolivia on energy projects

LA PAZ – Russia will continue to cooperate with Bolivia on hydrocarbon and nuclear energy projects agreed with the government of the ousted President Evo Morales, said the Moscow ambassador to that South American country, Vladimir Sprinchan. “The Minister [of Bolivia’s Hydrocarbons, Víctor Hugo Zamora] ratified all the projects that are being carried out, which […]

Rival in 2022? Moro is more popular than Bolsonaro, research reveals

Justice and Public Safety Minister Sergio Moro is more popular than President Jair Bolsonaro, according to a poll published Monday by Datafolha. According to the survey, “53% rate their [ministry] administration as good, another 23% rate it as fair and 21% rate it as poor,” while the president has more modest rates: 30% rate his […]

‘Foreigners Cannot Intrude in Our Country’, Mexican President Says After Meeting US Attorney General

MEXICO CITY – With the administration of President Donald Trump considering declaring Mexican drug cartels terrorist organizations, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador insisted that he does not want US military intervention against them. Mexico’s drug cartels make billions of dollars per year on illegal drug sales in the US and have been locked into […]

What options does the US have against Maduro after Guaido’s failure?

US President Donald Trump has staked his chips on Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim president, Juan Guaidó, but the failure of this move makes the president’s advisers pursue more aggressive strategies. US Vice President Mike Pompeo earlier this month held a meeting with senior Trump Administration officials to re-evaluate the US strategy adopted a year ago to […]

Russia says it will not join US interference in Venezuelan affairs

Russia will not interfere with Venezuela’s internal affairs, either on its own initiative or in cooperation with the US, Federation Council Defense Committee Deputy Chairman Franz Klintsevich said. The senator stressed that interference in the affairs of any country is unacceptable. “Russia cooperates with the legitimately elected president of Venezuela, fulfilling all its commitments to […]

Evo Morales leaves Mexico and travels to Cuba

LA PAZ – Former Bolivian President Evo Morales left Mexico for Cuba, according to information from the Mexican Foreign Ministry. “Indeed, today (Friday) Mr. Morales traveled to Cuba in the morning, he informed us that this is a temporary trip,” an official from the Foreign Ministry said. The information was confirmed by the compatriots of […]