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U.S. Regime Has Killed 20-30 Million People Since World War II

Let us put this in historical perspective: the commemoration of the War to End All Wars  acknowledges that 15 million lives were lost in the course of World War I (1914-18). The loss of life in the second World War (1939-1945) was on a much large scale, when compared to World War I: 60 million lives both military and […]


Security Expert: US Relocating ISIS terrorists to Iraq in an Attempt to Nullify Iraqi Parliament’s Pull-Out Decision

BAGHDAD – The US forces in western Iraq are relocating ISIS ringleaders from Syria to the Wadi Houran region in western al-Anbar Province after the area was cleansed by Hashd al-Shaabi (Iraqi popular forces), an official revealed. “After the US forces prevented Iraqi forces from approaching Wadi Houran and the western desert of al-Anbar, finally, […]

Iraqi Forces Capture a ‘Moderately’ Bloated ISIS Mufti

Nineveh Governorate, Iraq – The special operations command of the Iraqi security forces announced on Wednesday that their units carried out a special operation to arrest the Islamic State’s mufti, Shifa’a Al-Ni’mah (AKA “Abu ‘Abdel-Bari”), in the Nineveh Governorate. The Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) mufti was found by the Iraqi special operations forces as he was […]

‘Death Is As Nothing Compared To Vindication’ – On Soleimani and the Soleimani Doctrine, in 2018 and the Present

[Author’s Note: The following is largely drawn from a previously unpublished – and, sadly, unfinished – draft of an article I’d been working on in late July 2018, which sought to contextualize the Iranian response to some rather conflagrationary remarks then-recently made in their direction by Trump. Much of it was pertaining directly to Soleimani. […]

Nasrallah: US Presence in Lebanon is Illegitimate

BEIRUT – A leading Lebanese newspaper wrote that the Sunday speech by Secretary-General of Hezbollah Seyed Hassan Nasrallah after the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani meant the end of the US military presence in the region, adding that US deployment in Lebanon is no more legitimate. Ibrahim al-Amin, a Lebanese analyst, wrote in the Arabic-language […]

US-Turk Support for SNA Turkmen Terrorists Outflanks Syria in Idlib

By Steve Brown – US outrage regarding the Syrian Arab Army’s advance in Idlib – where the SAA attempted to clear the province of US/Turk-sponsored Tahrir al-Sham and Turk-backed terrorists –  caused the United States to re-supply Ankara with a large cargo of weaponry yesterday, to support a flanking operation by the Syrian National Army […]

Russian Troops Seize a US Military Post in Raqqa (VIDEO)

Raqqa, Syria – On December 25, Russian military police have managed to secure a small settlement near Raqqa, which has previously been controlled by U.S. occupation forces, as Russia proceeds to patrol strategically important, yet volatile areas running along the Turkish-Syrian border. According to reports from local media, the Russian military police personnel took control […]