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Pentagon Inflating Number of ISIS Terrorists to Justify Buildup in Iraq

BAGHDAD – A senior commander of Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces), said that the US report on the presence of 14,000 ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria is unrealistic and the numbers have been exaggerated too much, in order to give Americans an excuse to increase the number of troops in the region. “What the […]

A STEP CLOSER TO FINAL VICTORY: Massive terrorist losses in Syria since May

DAMASCUS – Syrian troops, supported by their allies, primarily the Russian Air Force, have liberated most of the country and destroyed most of the terrorist formations since September 2015, when Russian troops were called by the legitimate Syrian government to save the country from total collapse. In just a year, Syrian and Russian troops managed […]

MAJOR: U.S Rolls in MASSIVE 200 truck convoy to Arm Kurds in Iraq

IRAQ – [SANA/FRN] – In a new breach of the international laws and conventions, the US brought a  convoy of hundreds of trucks and military vehicles affiliated to the so-called “International Coalition” to  al-Qamishli City in support for Qasad separatist militias which besiege locals and attack them and steal oil in the eastern region. These […]

US and Allies to Establish New Terrorist Groups in Iraq, Syria

DAMASCUS – A senior Syrian parliamentarian warned against a new plan by Washington and Riyadh to set up new terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria after their defeats in the region. “The US presently intends to pave the way for the emergence of terrorist groups under new names and appearances in Syria and Iraq by […]

MAJOR: Iraq defies the US again, Reopens border with Syria in next 60 days

Al-Anbar, Iraq – In an exclusive interview with the Arabic-language version of the Sputnik Agency, the Iraqi military commander in the Al-Qa’im District of Al-Anbar, Ahmad Jadayan, told the Russian news site that the border crossing connecting the Syrian Arab Republic and the Republic of Iraq will be opened in the next the 60 days. […]

VIDEO: LIBERATED! Syrian Arab Army Retakes Northwestern Hama

HAMA – A new video that chronicled the Syrian Arab Army’s operation to retake Al-Hamamiyat in northwestern Hama has been released. Russian and Syrian forces, supported by various volunteer units have been on the offensive in Idlib and Hama governorates in order to finally liberate the terrorist-held areas.