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MAJOR: Russia’s New Frigates Will Have Far Greater Firepower Than America’s Cruisers and Heavy Destroyers

MOSCOW – Russia’s expanding shipyards have laid down a number of new frigates under the ambitious Admiral Gorshkov-class warship program. Fifteen of the 5,400-ton ships are planned of which three have been completed and four more are under construction. Supplementing the original Project 22350 Gorshkov-class ships, the Russian Navy is planning to commission a heavy […]


What About the Wagner Group? Revisited 

By Steve Brown Long before and ever since the Blackwater Nisour Square massacre, the United States has employed contractors to pursue any particular US military agenda so desired, just about anywhere.  However, under US law – depending upon who interprets it and when – US military contractors are not allowed to engage in aggression. Of […]

Video – Millions: Iraqi people hold EPIC anti-US rally in Baghdad

TEHRAN, Jan. 24 (MNA) – Millions of Iraqi people convened in the capital city of Baghdad today to deplore the US military presence in the country. According to Iraq’s local media, people from “all of the Iraqi provinces” have gathered in the ongoing rally to condemn the Americans’ illegal presence in the country, after the […]

Op-Ed: It is Amazing How Easily Brainwashed Americans Are

By Paula Densnow It is amazing how easily brainwashed Americans are. I was told that the Dems are quite concerned about the unwarranted power of the presidency at this point. I was also told that they are also worried about the Balance of Power, as outlined in the Constitution. So they don’t care that the […]

ORTHODOXY IN CRISIS: Serbia and Montenegro Fail to Find Common Position on Schismatic Church

JERUSALEM, Occupied Palestine – Talks in Jerusalem have failed to make progress. Serbian President Alexander Vučić could not agree with his Montenegrin counterpart Milo Djukanovic on a common position on the situation around the Serbian Orthodox Church. Vučić announced this to the Serbian press on January 23rd after talks with Djukanovic in Jerusalem. “We have been talking for a […]