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Globalist IMF Rolls-out New Package aimed at Further Impoverishing Ukraine

KIEV – After the Verkhovna Rada adopted the so-called anti-Kolomoisky law, in Kiev it was expected that the IMF would begin to implement a new ‘cooperation program’ which historically has furthered the rise of poverty, unemployment, prostitution, crime, and human trafficking in Ukraine. . However, it soon became clear that for this Ukraine needs to […]

Full Donbass SITREP – Ukraine Forces Suffer Losses

May 25, 2020 – A full SITREP on the military situation in the DPR over the past 24 hours following the results of today’s briefing of the official representative of the DPR DPR Oleg Nikitin. According to the data recorded by observers of the DPR representative office in the JCCC, over the past 24 hours, […]

The coming Massive Offensive by Ukraine will Untie Russia’s hands in the Donbass

By Kristina Melnikova for EAD – In the Donbass, a tense military situation has recently arisen. However, from the beginning of May, trends towards a progressive escalation became apparent to everyone. Moreover, they were accompanied by implacable rhetoric from Kiev. In particular, in mid-May, representatives of the Donbass contact group on the part of Ukraine rejected the […]

Betrayal? Natalya Poklonskaya Throws Donbass Under the Bus

CRIMEA – Natalya Poklonskaya, a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Crimea, gave an interview to Ukrainian propagandist Dmitry Gordon. There were several controversial points in the conversation. Poklonskaya said that Donbass is Ukraine. “I have two homelands. This is Alekseevka, well, Donbass. Where I lived for seven years, where I lived a […]

Apocalypse Postponed: a Spiritual View on Coronavirus

By Archpriest Igor Riabko – Union of Orthodox Journalists Сoronavirus is an issue of concern for the entire planet. But there are things that are much more important to reflect on than the virus, whatever dangerous it may be.   All bad things will pass one day because after all, Christ is Risen! So, in the end, we will come out […]

MAJOR: Donbass Shelled Again, Young Girl Killed

DONBASS – On April 9, 25-year-old Miroslava Voroncova was murdered by Ukrainian nazis dropping bombs from drones onto civilian areas in Gorlovka. She died on the way to the hospital from injuries caused by the explosion of a bomb at St. Square, 166. In addition, 59-year-old Mikhail A. was injured. He has a mine-explosion injury, […]