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MAJOR: Russia at Least 5-10 Years Ahead, Deploying Hypersonic-Detecting Radars in Arctic Before US Even Acquired Hypersonic Missiles

MOSCOW – After all of the planned ten radars are deployed in the Russian Arctic, the “northeastern missile-defense area will be fully covered by the ‘hunters’ for hypersonic targets,” a Russian military source stated, according to the Russian TASS news agency. Russia’s General Staff has decided to increase the number of latest state-of-the-art Rezonans-N radar […]


Russia Confirms Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Will Be Completed Despite Pressure

MOSCOW – Construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will be completed despite outside pressure and US sanctions against the project, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a response on its website following Acting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s press conference on summing up the results of Russian diplomacy in 2019. The relevant question was not voiced […]

Russian FM: US Withdrawal from Treaty on Open Skies Will Damage European Security

MOSCOW/WASHINGTON, D.C. – Washington’s withdrawal from the Treaty on Open Skies seriously damages European security and prompts Moscow to respond, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in response to reporters’ questions sent prior to the annual press conference on Friday. Moscow will do everything possible to keep the treaty alive, the foreign ministry added, according to Sputnik.  […]

Iraq set to buy Russian S-400 air defense system and assert its sovereignty

Steven Sahiounie, political commentator Iran attacked US forces stationed at two bases in Iraq with 15 missiles on January 8th, but it does not appear missile defense systems were used to counter them. Eric Gomez, a missile defense policy analyst at the Cato Institute, said the next day, “And from the reporting I’ve seen about last […]

Germany’s Greens are not Green – They are Stars and Stripes

It is striking that Annalena Baerbock and many Greens see no leverage in the “US Prestige Fracking Gas Project” against the US bombardments in several countries and their drone wars that violates international law. Despite styling themselves as a “human rights party”, they repeatedly refuse to pillory the state which is responsible for most human rights violations

Medvedev explains his resignation

MOSCOW – Dmitry Medvedev explained why the government resigned in recent comments given to Russian press. The former prime minister mentioned two reasons: the need to provide the president with the opportunity to discuss and make decisions within the framework of updating the political system without regard to the government factor, and the length of […]

WWII: Putin lays flowers in honor of breaking the siege of Leningrad

LENINGRAD REGION – On January 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin laid flowers at the Rubezhniy Stone monument on the Nevsky Piglet in the Leningrad Region. The event is dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the breaking of the siege of Leningrad. However, for the head of state it also has a deeply personal significance — it was in […]

MAJOR: Aleppo Battle sees Russia obliterate terrorists

DAMASCUS – On January 17 and through this morning in the west of Aleppo there are intense exchanges of mortar and rocket-artillery attacks. The Syrian army has been firing at militant positions for the third day in a row. Last night almost all the western suburbs and suburbs of the second largest Syrian city, as […]