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Putin Calls For Idlib To be Retaken From Al-Qaeda (VIDEO)

ANKARA – A trilateral summit involving Russia, Iran, and Turkey was held in Ankara earlier today. The efforts of Russia, Turkey, and Iran helped stabilize the situation in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated during the summit. He reiterated Russia’s and his personal support for Syria and its legitimate government and called on the world […]


Russia and 7 other countries begin large-scale maneuvers Center-2019

MOSCOW – Russia is working on an improved version of the Ebola virus vaccine, Russian Deputy Minister of Health Sergey Kraevoi said. “The work comes to an end, that is to say, the registration procedures for the improved vaccine, the lyophilized vaccine that is diluted before being administered and that can be kept at a […]

Paraguay seeks to improve air connectivity with Russia

MOSCOW – Paraguay is interested in improving its air connectivity with Russia to increase tourism flow, Tourism Minister of the South American country, Sofía Montiel de Afara, said. “We are working very hard to improve connectivity. We need to strengthen alliances that are strategic and that allow any activity related to connectivity to be sustainable […]

Russia, Turkey and Iran accuse Israel of destabilizing region with attacks

ANKARA – Russia, Turkey and Iran issued a joint statement today condemning Israel’s recent attacks on targets in Syria, and blaming Tel Aviv for increasing instability in the Middle East. “Presidents consider Israeli military attacks on Syria to be destabilizing, violating the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and leading to increased tensions in the region,” […]

MAJOR: The REAL Reason Behind Bolton’s Dismissal Revealed (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – On Tuesday, President Trump fired his National Security Advisor, John Bolton. Trump announced his decision through Twitter. And he frankly explained to journalists that A: Bolton didn’t get along with the president’s team at the White House and B: He made major foreign policy mistakes. As an example, Trump mentioned Bolton upsetting the […]

US magazine reveals ‘crazy NATO plan’ to neutralize Russian submarines

MOSCOW – The USSR had so many advanced submarines at the height of the Cold War that Western military strategists were willing to resort to any possible countermeasures, writes National Interest. At the time of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, also known as the Caribbean Crisis, the Soviet Union had about 300 diesel-electric and some […]