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Macron criticizes NATO’s reaction to Turkish offensive in northern Syria

PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday lamented Turkey’s offensive actions in northern Syria, calling them “madness” and criticizing NATO’s inability to react to aggression as a “serious mistake.” French President also said he found out about the US decision to withdraw his forces from northern Syria via Twitter, which combined with Ankara’s unilateral […]


French troops at risk of being surrounded in Syria

PARIS – French General Dominique Trinquand analyzed the situation of his country’s troops present in Syria. Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, the conflict has been marked by the presence and operations of various foreign forces. Among these forces are French troops, in a new chapter of Paris’s historical interest in Syria. During […]

WATCH IT HERE: The Debate – Bernard-Henri Lévy vs. Aleksandr Dugin

The long-awaited video of the debate between BHL and Dugin has just been released. – J. Flores   (Below – Dr. Dugin’s commentary from September 22nd, the day after the debate) By Alexandr Dugin – The debates with B.H.Levy in Amsterdam. I ve discovered that BHL is so ignorant that he even doesn t know what […]

Is France planning to reach Asia?

Fort de Brégançon in southern France hosted what came to be a significant step toward the complete normalization of Russian-French relations. French President Emmanuel Macron opened a path for cooperation with Russia, recognizing Moscow is indispensable for conflict resolution in international conflicts and making very friendly comments to Russian President Vladimir Putin during and after […]

MAJOR: Mont Blanc Glacier on Verge of Collapse (VIDEO)

Mont Blanc, Italy – Climate change is real. The causes, the consequences, ways to fight it, the very question whether we should even try to resist these changes is a matter of a very complex debate. Still, saying there’s no climate change and that we shouldn’t be concerned about the consequences of such changes would […]

Debunking Lies and Myths About the So-called ‘Soviet-German Pact’ (VIDEO)

MOSCOW – September 17th marked 80 years since Soviet troops retook western Belarus and western Ukraine, which were previously occupied by Poland. The Polish Army went for a landgrab after the turmoil of WW1, during which Russia lost massive territories. Much later, in 1939, Hitler’s Germany invaded Poland on September 1st, despite the fact that […]

DUGIN: The Debate – BH Levy proves Liberalism has ‘Zero Game’

Editor’s note: So this actually happened – yesterday, Russian Philosopher, Dr. Alexander Dugin debated Bernard-Henry Levy, in what many have branded the ‘debate of the century’. Next to the debate between Zizek and Peterson, this debate will go down in history as a critical turning point in the development of the broad public’s engagement with […]