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Donbass Ceasefire is a Myth (VIDEO)

DONBASS – Last night, Rusian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In addition to bilateral relations, they discussed key international issues, such as the situations in Syria, Libya, and around the Iranian nuclear program. They also discussed the situation in Ukraine, including prospects of a new Normandy Four […]

People of Donbass Build Bridges While Ukraine Continues Shelling (VIDEO)

Stanitsa Luganskaya, LPR, Donbass – Around the bridge in Stanitsa Luganskaya, where the frontline used to be, LPR workers have begun dismantling fortifications. At the same time, they’re installing scaffolding around the bridge itself. The restoration of the only checkpoint at the line of demarcation is supervised by international observers. Service members of the Ministry […]

VIDEO: Elderly have nowhere to hide from Ukrainian shells

DONBASS – “I can’t handle it anymore. My whole body is worn out. It’s worn out so much, that if I hear any sound, my body is all shaking. It’s the fear. We are living in fear and we don’t know when will it end.” – tells through tears Vera Vasilievna. She can’t even hide […]

MAJOR: DNR Intelligence – Ukrainians Planning a Breakthrough in Donetsk

DONBASS – Ukrainian Armed Formations are transferring troops to Mariupol. This was announced by the head of the press service of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) People’s Police Directorate Daniil Bezsonov, referring to intelligence data of the DNR special services. “Our intelligence continues to record the buildup of enemy forces in Mariupol and the surrounding […]

MAJOR: Ukraine violates ceasefire 60 times amid Mariupol military build-up

DONBASS – Ukrainian Armed Forces have begun to build new positions near the contact line in the direction of Mariupol. This was reported by the press service of the command of the Donetsk People’s Republic. “Our intelligence is marking the equipment of the new enemy engineering fortifications in the areas of the settlements of Vodyanoe […]

Ukraine targets Donbass residents with Russian passports

KIEV – The chief military prosecutor of Ukraine, Matios, said that Ukrainian law enforcement officers had already identified a significant number of residents of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, who had received Russian passports, some of whom had already been interrogated. Why is Kiev in such a hurry to start this “initiative” and how likely it is […]