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Space race? China prepares to explore life-ready planets

BEIJING – The Chinese government will launch the Miin program in 2030 to explore outer space beyond the solar system and find suitable planets for life. “This project will be China’s next breakthrough in basic research,” said Yuan Jie, executive director of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). Beijing plans to launch a series […]


China promises to boost economic growth by 2020

BEIJING – China’s leaders promise to boost economic growth next year, even with the current trade war with the US, as well as reducing poverty and pollution. Communist Party leaders, in a statement issued Friday, pledged at an annual planning meeting to promote technology-based development and competition, further opening up the state-dominated economy. The Annual […]

Russia-China trade may break new record in 2019

A new record in the history of economic and trade relations between Beijing and Moscow would have been set with the volume of its trade reaching US $110 billion in 2019. From January to November, trade between the two countries was 3.1% higher than in the same period of 2018. In the first ten months […]

China will soon test its own cryptocurrency for financial sovereignty

BEIJING – The People’s Bank of China has stepped up efforts to launch its own cryptocurrency with the goal of gaining leadership before other central banks in the world. In addition, the Asian giant intends to maintain its financial sovereignty and is planning to conduct a series of tests with the system called Digital Currency […]

The Art of Peace- The New Silk Road Counters an Age of Turbulence

On November 16, an seminar was held in Montreal Canada entitled “The Art of Peace: The New Silk Road Counters an Age of Turbulence” hosted by the Rising Tide Foundation, featuring six speakers tackling the multi-faceted New Silk Road from artistic, engineering, historical, philosophical and scientific standpoints.

China will remove US technology from government computers

BEIJING – The directive of China no longer using US technology for government computers is expected to hurt US giants HP, Dell and Microsoft. After Washington imposes restrictions on Chinese company Huawei, Beijing is preparing to adopt countermeasures package. China has ordered all foreign components removed from the computers of government agencies and public institutions. […]

MAJOR: Beijing Bans US Navy Vessels to Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China – Beijing stopped allowing US Navy vessels to visit Hong Kong and sanctioned foreign NGOs after President Donald Trump signed a bill, which targets China over its response to anti-government protests and riots in the city. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said on Monday that China will no longer review requests by […]