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VIDEO: MiG-31BM in Space

Kamchatka, Russia – The Ministry of Defense of Russia published a video showing the first flight of newly-modernized MiG-31 high-altitude fighter jet training in the stratosphere. The new designation for the fighter jet is MiG-31BM. These are naval aviation interceptors of the Russian Pacific Fleet. What is truly amazing about these interceptors is the fact […]


Is the spectacular supersonic fighter bomber China’s new asset?

BEIJING – Recently, Chinese media reported on a new version of the JH-7A fighter, which should be called JH-7AII. Although the version is almost identical to the previous version, the major changes are believed to be related to the avionics and radar of the aircraft. In addition, it is assumed that changes have been made […]

VIDEO: Moscow Signs Warship Treaty With Caracas

CARACAS/MOSCOW – Russia is the strongest supporter of Venezuela’s independence. The Russian military personnel, although officially not deployed to the country, are there as advisors. Apart from humanitarian aid, loans, help with the reconstruction of Venezuela’s aging oil industrial equipment, etc, Russia also sent military advisors to help Venezuelan troops in setting up an integrated […]

MAJOR: Roscosmos develops method of making satellites ‘invisible’

MOSCOW – Roscosmos Corporation has patented a method of camouflaging space devices that make them invisible to optical surveillance equipment. The issuance of the patent of the Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos was registered with the Federal Intellectual Property Office. “The invention relates to concealment or camouflage methods and can be used to reduce the […]

Erdogan: Bluffer or Potentate?

By Steve Brown – While the US concentrates on the crimes of its depraved political class, public exposure and the bright light thrown on their heinous crimes seems to have provided a window to get real work done, opposing corrupt US influence elsewhere, especially in Syria. Syrian security forces are making progress in cutting supply […]

VIDEO: Aviadarts Highlights – Su-57, MiG-31, Su-35S, Kinzhal, Strategic Bombers, Helicopters

Ryazan, Russian Federation – The International Army Games is a Russian military sports event organized by the Ministry of Defense of Russia (MoD). The annual International Army Games, which have taken place since August 2015 involve more than 30 countries battling out in dozens of competitions over two weeks to prove which nation has the most military might. The games […]

Russia is ahead of US in hypersonic technologies, experts say

MOSCOW – Russia does not steal US technology from hypersonic weapons, on the contrary, it is a leader in this sphere, which is confirmed by Russian hypersonic weaponry that has no analogues in the US, experts say. Previously, US National Security Adviser John Bolton accused Russia of stealing US technologies related to the development of […]