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London Court Refuses Defense Plea to Release Assange From Prison Amid Coronavirus Concerns

LONDON – Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London rejected a plea from Julian Assange’s lawyers to release the WikiLeaks founder from the high-security Belmarsh prison on concerns for his health amid the coronavirus epidemic. Judge Vanessa Baraitser ruled that Assange should remain in prison, citing the lack of COVID-19 cases in the facility, RIA Novosti reported. […]


Gunmen Take 200 Hostage at Sikh-Hindu Temple in Afghan Capital

KABUL – Unidentified gunmen have attacked a Sikh-Hindu temple in the Afghan capital, Kabul, taking up to 200 worshipers hostage. Afghan Interior Ministry Spokesman Tariq Arian said on Wednesday that Afghan security forces had blocked off the area and were battling the gunmen in an attempt to rescue the Sikh hostages, PressTV reported. “People are […]

NOT CORONAVIRUS: Over 50,000 Children Die Every Year in Yemen

SANA’A – Yemen’s Houthi Ansaruallh movement said the years-long Saudi-led war and blockade on the impoverished Arab country has increased the infant mortality rate alarmingly. The Ansarullah said Thursday the ongoing Saudi military aggression against Yemen has fueled famine, poverty and diseases, resulting in the deaths of 50,000 children annually, many of whom are under […]

Selling Arms to Saudis Is a Crime Against Humanity

NEW YORK – The United Nations should call on the United States and its allies to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners who have waged an unjustified war on Yemen. It is s crime against humanity under international law and the United Nations Charter. The UN has a responsibility to call […]

MAJOR: Syrian Army Uncovers Terrorist Chemical Weapons Workshop in Western Aleppo (VIDEO)

Allepo, Syria – Syrian government forces have discovered a workshop in the western countryside of the country’s embattled northwestern province of Aleppo, where foreign-backed terrorists used to manufacture toxic chemical weapons for their attacks against army troops and civilians in government-controlled areas. Syrian forces have found more than solid evidence of the manufacture and use […]

OFFICIAL: Production of Drugs in Afghanistan 35-Folded After US Invasion

TEHRAN – Chief of the Iranian Anti-Narcotics Police Brigadier General Masoud Zahedian said that after the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the production of narcotics in the country has sorely increased. It has had a 35-fold increase in Afghanistan after the US and its Western allies occupied the poor country and it has reached […]

Australian MPs Blast Treatment of Julian Assange as a Threat to Democracy

CANBERRA/LONDON – Two Australian MPs slammed the imprisonment of the prominent Australian journalist in a key visit to the UK amid two crucial hearings in late February in Woolwich, where the Wikileaks founder could face extradition to the US and up to 175 years in prison for publishing leaked information on war crimes in Iraq […]

MAJOR: Saudis Transfer Hundreds of Al-Qaeda Terrorists to Yemen

RIYADH/SANA’A – The Saudi-led coalition has transferred hundreds of al-Qaeda terrorists to Ma’arib province in northern Yemen as a desperate measure in an attempt to hold the area for as long as possible. The Wahhabi kingdom and its coalition partners have recently suffered a series of defeats in Yemen. The Saudi-led coalition resorted to al-Qaeda […]