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COVID-19: What Does Being Positive Really Mean? What Are We Really Detecting?

By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny  – May 21, 2020 – an osteopathic medical doctor, board-certified in three specialties. She is the founder of Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, a medical clinic located near Cleveland, Ohio. Her company, provides online education and training regarding all aspects of vaccines and vaccination.  _____________________________ In 1965, scientists identified the first human coronavirus; it was […]


Khazaria and the Forgotten Christian-Jewish-Muslim-Confucian Alliance

In this lecture, I introduce the story of the little known Turkic kingdom of Khazaria which converted to Judaism in the mid 8th century and which served as a keystone of the Tang Dynasty’s Silk Road revival as well as intermediary between the beautiful ecumenical alliance of the Abbasid Dynasty’s great Caliph Haroun al Rashid and the Carolingian Dynasty’s leader Charlemagne.

Guaido was Commander in Chief of Failed SilverCorp Mercenary Operation in Venezuela

By Patricio Zamorano – Council of Hemispheric Affairs – Published at Venezuela Analysis New information divulged this week reveals that Juan Guaidó was designated as “commander and chief” of the mercenary operation that completely unraveled on the shores of Venezuela. The 41 page contract that formed the basis of the already known eight page General Services Agreement […]

MK ULTRA and the Mind-Blowing History of Deep-State Controlled Fort Detrick

Chinese state-controlled media starts to examine Fort Detrick claims by way of this compelling Op-Ed – J. Flores, editor By Ceng Jing for CGTN – Declassified documents reviewed by CGTN showed the premises being investigated under the program ranged from the bizarre to the extremes of science fiction: Drugs that would “cause mental confusion;” “provide […]

The TRUTH about COVID-19 Pandemic: What Needs To Be Done (SATIRE)

In times of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we must take additional measures to combat dangerous misinformation and listen to the real experts in the fields of virology and epidemiology. People like Bill Gates, for instance, that software engineer with an honorary law degree. Such experts should be given a platform and their messages should be […]

CONFIRMED: Hackers Strike and Leak Bill Gates, WHO, and Wuhan Lab Emails

Published on: Apr 22, 2020 – FRN has confirmed reports that hackers have successfully hacked accounts belonging to Bill Gates, the WHO, and a lab in Wuhan believed to be the location researching coronavirus that received funding from Dr. Fauci. The event appears to have taken place on or about April 20th. Netizens have taken to […]