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US sanctions freeze billions of dollars in Venezuelan assets, says Venezuelan minister

CARACAS – Venezuela has lost access to its billion-dollar US assets in energy and tourism companies, according to Sputnik Félix Plasencia, Maduro’s foreign minister. Since the beginning of the year, the United States has increased its political and economic pressure against Venezuela. Amid this context, assets of Venezuelan companies were frozen in the US. “Billions […]


U.S. Continues to Draw Lines in Eastern Mediterranean

From November 3 to November 14, Israeli, U.S., German, Italian and Greek war jets participated in the “Blue Flag 2019” military exercises out of the Ovda Air Base in Israel’s Negev Desert. The timing of these exercises corresponds with Turkey and a whole host of other countries conducting their own naval exercises in the Aegean […]

STUDY: Environmental Cost of Cryptocurrency Mines

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero – the names of digital-based cryptocurrencies are being heard more and more frequently. But despite having no physical representation, could these new methods of exchange actually be negatively impacting our planet? It’s a question being asked by researchers at The University of New Mexico, who are […]

Washington’s Fingerprints All Over Iranian Protests

TEHRAN/WASHINGTON, D.C. – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has once again made remarks in support of riots in Iran, interfering in the country’s domestic affairs in support of, not people’s right of protest, but riots by saboteurs. Turning a blind eye to the escalating radical violent crimes in a number of cities that seriously […]

Syria in Last 48 Hours: Security Forces Clash with ISIS Terrorists in Hama, US Sends Troops to Qamishli

DAMASCUS – Syrian security forces clashed with the ISIS terrorists in the eastern parts of Hama province, killing and wounding several militants. “The ISIS terrorists attacked the Syrian security forces who were patrolling near the village of al-Ayour in Hama province and clashes erupted between them,” the Arabic-language website of Russian Sputnik news agency quoted […]

Police, Protesters Clash at University in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China – Clashes broke out in Hong Kong between police forces and protesters at the Polytechnic University (PolyU) in the north of the semi-autonomous Chinese city. On Sunday, police fired tear gas to disperse PolyU students lighting fires on the campus and blocking the nearby entrance to the crucial Cross Harbour Tunnel. The […]

MAJOR: Dozens Killed in Bolivia Since Political Crisis Began

LA PAZ – At least a few dozen people have been killed, while more than 700 more have been injured in clashes since the beginning of the foreign-instigated political crisis in Bolivia, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights informed on Saturday. “In total, 23 people have been killed since the beginning of the political crisis, […]