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Paul Antonopoulos

Paul Antonopoulos is a Research Fellow at the Center for Syncretic Studies. He has an MA in International Relations and is interested in Great Power Rivalry as well as the International Relations and Political Economy of the Middle East and Latin America.

Is the spectacular supersonic fighter bomber China’s new asset?

BEIJING – Recently, Chinese media reported on a new version of the JH-7A fighter, which should be called JH-7AII. Although the version is almost identical to the previous version, the major changes are believed to be related to the avionics and radar of the aircraft. In addition, it is assumed that changes have been made […]


China, North Korea Strengthen Military Collaboration Amid US Tensions

BEIJING – A Chinese commander said China and North Korea will develop military collaboration and continue to work together to ensure security in the Asia-Pacific region amid US actions in the region deemed threatening. Pyongyang officials met with an official Chinese delegation in Beijing shortly after North Korea’s missile tests. At this meeting, Korean representatives […]

WHY NOT TURN TO TRUMP? Bolsonaro relies on BRICS Bank for infrastructure projects

BRASILIA – Environment Minister Ricardo Salles continues to negotiate a $500 million loan with the BRICS New Development Bank, the NDB. The funds will be passed on to Brazilian municipalities to carry out sanitation, waste treatment and renewable energy works. The contribution should occur early next year, reported Brazil Agency. No 5º Encontro dos Ministros […]

Iranian Commander Reveals What Catches Enemies from Invading Iran

TEHRAN – The US is forming a coalition to patrol and ensure maritime safety in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, but so far only the United Kingdom and Israel have shown interest in joining. The defensive power provided by the Iranian national military industry has forced the Islamic nation’s “enemies” to reconsider their […]

MAJOR: Roscosmos develops method of making satellites ‘invisible’

MOSCOW – Roscosmos Corporation has patented a method of camouflaging space devices that make them invisible to optical surveillance equipment. The issuance of the patent of the Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos was registered with the Federal Intellectual Property Office. “The invention relates to concealment or camouflage methods and can be used to reduce the […]

Why does the US buy Soviet and Russian radars?

WASHINGTON DC – The United States strives to have Soviet or Russian manufacturing radars at its disposal: they buy them from other countries or pick up the equipment in different areas of tension. Americans have used them for years to develop and improve their stealth planes, writes the Chinese portal Sina. According to Chinese journalists, […]

Find out why the Chechen strongman apologized to a blogger

GROZNY – The leader of the Russian republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, apologized to a 6-year-old Chechen blogger Janzala Magomadov for not congratulating him on his birthday. “In summary, I screwed up. It turns out that our most powerful, smartest and youngest blogger turned six years yesterday. But I didn’t realize it in time and […]