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Joaquin Flores

Joaquin Flores is Editor-in-Chief of Fort Russ News, as well as the Director of the Belgrade based think-tank, the Center for Syncretic Studies. Educated at California State University, Los Angeles, in the field of International Relations, he previously served as Chief Negotiator and Internal Organizer in several jurisdictions for the SEIU labor union in California. Flores has twenty years experience in community, labor, and anti-war organizing. Flores has appeared regularly on Iran’s ‘PressTV’ and Russia’s ‘RT’ news to share his expert opinion and analysis on current geopolitical matters. As a Thought Leader, he has spoken publicly internationally at numerous forums, published in over 10 languages, his conceptual and ideological frameworks, approaches to branding and aesthetics have influenced others in his field.

BREAKING: Netanyahu under Quarantine for likely Covid-19 Infection

TEL AVIV – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his closest advisers will begin to comply with the quarantine regime in connection with suspicions that they have the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19). This was announced today, March 30th, in the office of the head of government, explaining that the self-isolation regime will be in effect until […]


OffGuardian Errors on Coronavirus? FRN responds to reader’s objection

The below features comment from reader Vijay Vallamudi in quote boxes, with FRN’s brief responses to his points raised. His objections to OffGuardian’s coverage are well-intentioned, we’ve vetted his interactions on Disqus and Medium, and he seems genuine. Our responses to his points are below each point. The article in question appeared first on OffGuardian […]

Russian Pacific Fleet launches 18 ships at once: Tactics or Coronavirus?

MOSCOW – Suddenly Russia ordered the launching of 18 ships and support vessels of the Pacific Fleet out of port and into sea. Against the background of the message that a coronavirus quarantine was introduced on the Northern Fleet’s nuclear submarine missile cruiser K-266 “Orel” for the entire crew, observers on social media are paying […]

Brewing Coronavirus Coup in Ukraine: Tymoshenko calls out Zelensky’s ‘Scam of the Century’

KIEV – The leader of the “Fatherland” faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Yulia Tymoshenko, announced that the Ukrainian authorities are preparing to crank up the “scam of the century.” The politician dubbed this term the sensational law on the sale of agricultural land in Ukraine. According to her, President Vladimir Zelensky uses the coronavirus pandemic for his political […]

MAJOR: UK Says Covid-19 NO LONGER a ‘High Consequence Infectious Disease’

The following is an excerpt from the UK’s official release on Gov.UK . Here is the government’s PDF on the subject for our readers’ perusal. – J. Flores As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK. The 4 nations public health […]

BREAKING: China Declares Victory over Coronavirus Epidemic

BEIJING – Today March 29, the PRC released a statement made by the representative of the State Committee on Healthcare of the People’s Republic of China, Mi Feng, and is quoted by the Xinhua State News Agency. While Italy and Spain are desperately fighting outbreaks of coronavirus, and more and more sad figures are coming […]