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Denis Churilov

Denis Churilov was born in Saint Petersburg in 1991. Grew up traveling across various parts of Russia and Kazakhstan. Has been living in Brisbane, Australia, since the mid-2000s. Has background in Behavioural Science (Psychology) and experience in criminal rehabilitation. Churilov first emerged as a citizen journalist in 2013. Has since published in various alternative media outlets, with his research essays and analytical publications translated into various languages. A regular Fort Russ contributor since 2017.

Orthodoxy and the Multipolar World

Back in the Middle Ages, Christianity was playing a major role in spreading literacy and knowledge. Interestingly, during the 11th century East-West Schism, when Christianity was being split into what is now known as the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church, one of the theologian disagreements between two churches, apart from disputes over the […]

Twitter Furthers Censorship, Attacks Rights to Information

Twitter suspended accounts of multiple Cuban politicians, including the account of the country’s leader, Raul Castro, and his daughter, as well as the account of a Cuban TV talkshow Mesa Redonda. Some of the journalists who collaborated with the programme in the past, including journalists who work for RT en Español, have also had their […]

BBC FAKE NEWS – PROPAGANDA ALERT! Italian Police Missile Seizure Raid 100% Flipped Around

BBC reported that the Italian police seized a missile during raids on Italian far-right extremists, stating that the radicals had connections to pro-Russian rebels in Donbass/Eastern Ukraine. Other Western mainstream media outlets have reprinted the news. The official Italian police statement, however, says that the far-right radicals were fighting AGAINST the pro-Russian rebels in Donbass/Eastern […]

WTF? Ukraine’s Coup-Installed FM Klimkin just called Maduro a ‘Usurper’

Op-ed Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Pavel Klimkin, speaks on the subject of Venezuela (translated from Spanish): “We strongly condemn the unprecedented violence at the Venezuelan border that has resulted in dead and wounded. We demand that the regime of usurper Marudo would stop those indecent actions and allow the humanitarian aid to pass in an urgent […]

Socialism – A Spoilt Millennials’ Dream?

There is a popular notion among American right-wingers nowadays that it is always lazy and spoilt pro-Hillary SJW’s who demand Socialism as they simply want free stuff made by honest, hard-working people. Well, first of all, I’m yet to figure out what do the, so called, American “lefties”, the millennial pro-Hillary SJWs who root for […]

Op-ed: The Myth of US “Inaction” in Syria

It is beyond annoying to hear people say that “we must do something!” when it comes to Syria. You already have. The US “inaction” in Syria is a myth that has been propagandized by politicians and the mainstream media in the most shameless fashion. It is the US and their allies who have been supplying […]


Have been reading lots of random YouTube and Twitter discussions lately. Got inspired to start a series of posts where I would be giving you only the TRUE historic FACTS and FIGURES. Let’s start today with one of the most sensitive topics – Russia BEFORE and AFTER the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, just to set things […]