PHOTOS: Christian volunteers raise cross on destroyed church in post-ISIS Deir Ezzor

DEIR EZZOR, Syria – The rebuilding of Syria continues, with no mainstream media taking an interest.

Syrian Christians have raised a cross over a church destroyed by ISIS in liberated Deir Ezzor in Syria’s east.

Deir Ezzor is home to a sizable Christian minority, many of them the descendants of survivors from the Armenian genocide perpetrated by Ottoman authorities and the Young Turks that began in 1915.

Mainstream media most likely ignore this as the majority of Syria’s ancient Christian community support the government, while the so-called “Christian West” funds, backs and arms terrorist who openly state there is no place for Christians in the Syria they want to create.

ISIS had Deir Ezzor under siege for nearly three years, but a rapid offensive by the Syrian Army lifted the siege in 2017.

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  • Boxwood tree

    CHristians aren’t really wanted in the JewSA either. They are merely temporarily tolerated.

  • Nikos Yiasou

    There is still no concern nor news from the Western media about the Syriac Orthodox and Greek Orthodox archbishops kidnapped in April 2014.