CNN is too busy to get Russian flag correct

The CNN news channel published an article on its website, in which it compared life in Russia and the United States. The publication is accompanied by a picture on which the order of colors of the Russian flag is confused.

The tricolor featured a white, red and blue stripe, with the two lower colours in the wrong order.

The life of Russians turned out to be better than that of Americans in a number of spheres. For example, in Russia there are more hospital beds (82 per 10,000 people compared to 29 in the US) and more doctors (12.2 per 100,000 compared to 11.1), but the quality of medical services in the United States is better, CNN concludes.

The overall crime rate was higher in the United States. For example, car thefts in the States are seven times more frequent than in Russia. However, murders in the Russian Federation is noticeably ahead of the US – 11.31 per 100,000 against 4.88.

Everything CNN publishes must be thoroughly examined, of course.

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  • RightWingGraham

    Another possibility is that the pharisee owner of CNN is so averse to showing the Russian flag that they switched the colors,

    Note how much effort the IOC has put into eradicating the Russian flag from their broadcasts: there’s definite pharisee resistance to it. Ironic when you consider that their own flag is a proud blue occult hexagram..

    • lance

      That’s not a possibility. That’s what happened. I hope fort russ realizes this was done on purpose. Please let us know you understand an infowar. Not bothering to spell names, throwing up whatever flag, it’s all demeaning. But you all already knew this, I’m sure.

  • apeman2502

    Both Russian and American flags are based on the Great Britain red, white and blue and note the claim by the reigning British monarch that both countries are kept in control by British freemasonry. This recent sabre rattling is to lead to a kill off of as many of both populations as possible, leaving queen Lizard at the head of the table as ‘Grand Patron’ to lap up the blood and thus control the world. We must die so the British royalty can have more. This is sick grandiose crap but that is the way the runt bitch does business as a 5’3″ royal psychoshrimp.

  • eric zweistein

    The Jewish Mafia’s greatest passion? Trolling goys!