Brazil’s Commemoration of the Republic is Based in LIES

November 15th is the day on which the Republic is celebrated, established by the coup of a resentful monarchist general. Backed by freemasons and landlords bitter about the end of slavery, abolished outright without ‘compensation’ fir the former owners of souls. This process sabotaged an incipient industrialization, a project of agrarian reform and even for […]

Russian-Venezuelan High-level Commission to Expand Economic Cooperation

Russia and Venezuela have held a high-level commission to promote energy exchanges, trade, technical-military links, mining and agriculture between the two countries, local media reported. “It is a cooperation that aims to defend our national resources and interests,” said Venezuelan Vice-President of the Economic Area, Tarek El Aissami. In the commission, it was decided to […]


The West is taking persistent steps to transform the Balkan countries into another platform to be used against Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the Serbian newspaper Srpski Telegraf. The minister stressed that after the end of the Cold War, Western Europe refused to work together to create a common security architecture in the […]

Bolivia and Russia Commit to Economic Development

Bolivia and Russia have good prospects for the development of their economic relations, the Bolivian ambassador in Moscow, Hugo Villarroel, said. “We have a set of themes that I think give a perspective to our relationship, in order to give it an economic content to the already excellent political relationship,” said Villarroel. The Bolivian ambassador […]

New Infantry Division on Polish Border to Cost $7 billion

More than $7 billion will be spent by the Polish government for the creation of a new mechanized infantry division near the country’s eastern border, local media said on Thursday. The 18th Mechanized Division will reach full fighting status in 2026 and the total cost of its training is expected to reach 27 billion zlotys, […]

Russian Officers Arrive in India for ‘Indra 2018’ Joint Military Exercises

An advanced group of Russian officers from the Eastern Military District arrived in the capital of India to participate in the preparation of joint Russian-Indian maneuvers dubbed “Indra 2018”. “During the work the delegation of officers of the Eastern Military District will carry out the inspection and approval of the locations of the Russian military […]