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“We have time to react to the birth of fascism in Latin America,” says Maduro

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Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said on Monday that Latin America could still react to the resurgence of fascism in the continent and that his country should continue to be a stronghold against this ideology.

“We have time to react to the birth of fascism in Latin America. Venezuela needs to be defended as one of the antifascist strongholds that resisted fascism and overcomes the intolerance of this ideology,” Maduro said one day after Brazilian right-wing Jair Bolsonaro won 46% in the first round of the presidential election.

Bolsonaro will contest the presidency on the 28th of this month in the second round against the candidate of the Workers’ Party (PT), Fernando Haddad, heir to former president Lula. Haddad received 29.2% of the vote.

The right has assumed governments in Latin America in recent years, after years of tumultuous left-wing executives. Argentina, with Mauricio Macri, and Chile, with Sebastián Piñera, are examples of this change.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government says that the opposition councilman Fernando Alban committed suicide in prison. He was detained because he was accused of participating in the failed assassination attempt on President Nicolas Maduro.

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The official version, however, is disputed by the opposition.

Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab said on Monday that Alban had been arrested since the end of last week.

More than two dozen people were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the alleged plot in early August to kill Maduro using two drones loaded with explosives.

Opposition leader Julio Borges said Alban was a personal friend and cast doubt on the allegation of suicide.

Borges said that as a Catholic and a family man, Alban would never kill himself.

Borges and his cronies are pro-US lackeys who carry out work on behalf of Washington to undermine the Bolivarian Revolution. Some plots include orchestrating riots and organization assassinations.

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