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Maduro prepares military for US invasion

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Maduro said that information on US plans proves his claims that Washington is planning a military invasion of Venezuela to capture its oil reserves.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro called on the country’s armed forces to be prepared to defend the national territory and stressed that US intervention will never be a solution to the problems facing the nation.

“Venezuela must continue to defend its right to respond to its own problems with its own solutions, never will a military intervention by the US empire will be a solution to the problems of Venezuela,” said the Venezuelan leader during a ceremony to promote military personnel in the National Pantheon, in the west of Caracas.

Maduro referred to an article published by the Associated Press that says, based on US government sources, that in 2017 President Donald Trump considered a military invasion of Venezuela.

The Venezuelan president recalled that at that time the Venezuelan government denounced these plans and that part of the psychological and media campaign against the Venezuelan people aims to underestimate these warnings, writes YVKE Mundial Radio .

Therefore, the president appealed to the admirals and generals to remain on alert and watch the Venezuelan territory by land, sea and air.

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“Our Bolivarian Armed Forces cannot lower their guard for a second because we defend the greatest right that the country has in its history, the greatest right our people have, which is to live in peace, with dignity, with our own identity,” said Maduro.

Maduro said that information on US plans proves his claims that Washington is planning a military invasion of Venezuela to capture its oil reserves.

The director of the Latin American Center of Hugo Chávez, Egor Lidovsky, commented on the calls of the Venezuelan leader, saying that the country has every reason to worry.

The analyst recalled previous cases in which Washington invaded or caused wars in other countries whose authorities contradicted American interests, in particular the case of Libya and its leader Muammar Gaddafi, who was “denigrated and eliminated.”

“Venezuela, of course, is in danger because it poses the greatest threat to the US in Latin America – it has a very good and powerful army. The US has no way to neutralize the country politically, so Washington’s only option is a military invasion,” he said.

In Lidovsky’s view, in order to preserve and protect its independence and its path, Venezuela needs to strengthen the army and mobilize its forces to be ready to repel any threat.

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