Russian Physics whiz kids set new world record

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The Russian team has triumphantly completed the Asian Olympiad in Physics.

Schoolchildren from Russia won eight awards – six of them gold, two got silver and bronze. As reported by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the result was a record for the 8 years of Russia’s participation in the championship.

Gold awards were won by high school students from Moscow schools as well as a student of the St.Petersburg Physico-Technical School. The silver went to a student of the Saransk Lyceum for gifted children. The bronze medalist is from St Petersburg, who attends the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum there.

The Asian Olympiad was held in Hanoi from 5 to 13 May – 188 schoolchildren from 25 countries took part in it. Awards were awarded in 70 disciplines.

Russia has been taking part in the championship since 2011 and selects candidates among the winners of the All-Russian Olympiad in Physics that is held annually. While most children in Russia are educated in schools of a general and broad curriculum – some schools are devoted to specific fields. These are usually called Lyceums and can be dedicated to any technical sciences, but usually mathematics and physics. There are also schools that focus on the arts or sports, for those children who choose their ‘careers’ quite early in life.

While Russia is not generally known for its school-level education, it does have some of the toughest curriculum in the developed world. This is best showcased at these kinds of international events, where Russian students regularly pick up top marks. In recent years, programming and web developing Olympiads are also being held in  Russia, in order to prepare the next generation of IT enthusiasts (gurus).

At this kind of pace, it’s only a matter of time until Russia has it’s ‘own internet’ as has been hinted upon in media. The initiative seeks to create an internet that is independent of Western influence, for lack of more politically correct terminology.

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